• November 27, 2020
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Paulson Jesse from Paulson answers my questions 1.how did the band form? 1.) We’ve all been kicking around in different bands together since high school. In late 2001 it just happened that the project I…

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Salem Interview

Salem I should start out by saying that I’m Adam D’Zurilla and I sing for Salem GVL, and that some of my opinions and thoughts addressed here are not of the whole band. How’s that…

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The Sly Caps Interview

The Sly Caps Justin from The Sly Caps answers my questions 1. how did the band form? We were all friends in a local theater group and justin, matt, and jon voinski(now singer for midd…

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Dead Letter Dept Interview

Dead Letter Dept Rob from Dead Letter Dept has a few words to say and of course answers my questions 1. how did the band form? A. 3 kids living in Canada’s biggest city, Andrew,…

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Hayst Interview

Hayst Karl from Hayst answers my questions 1. how did Hayst form? Well, it just sorta happened. It wasn’t really planned. A skeleton of the band kinda existed back in 1999, but it was all…

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Yesterday’s Kids Interview

Yesterday’s Kids Tim From Yesterday’s Kids Answers Parx-e Questions 1. how did the the yesterday’s kids form? Justin and I (tim) were in the same band in high school. After that ended (graduation day) both…

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