• August 11, 2020

Amy Mizzi Interview

Amy Mizzi

Amy Mizzi
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Interview With Amy Mizzi By Chris

Great aussie actor most known as playing Kit on Home And

How was the logies?

So much fun! It was fantastic to have the opportunity to
sit in a room with such talented people.

Were they as you expected?

The whole “red carpet” part was pretty surreal. I tried not
to have any expectations and just enjoy the night.

How did you get into the acting business?

I started as a dancer. I love all forms of the performing
arts. I spent a year in tertiary education studying acting,
singing and dancing and at the graduation performance I was
lucky enough to be spotted by the casting agency that works
with Home and Away.

Were you a big fan of Home and Away before you got onto
the show?

I was back in the Shane and Angel days.

Was it fun to play kit?

It was a challenge more than anything! But i loved it. I
got to work with an amazing and fun crew and formed
freinships with a lot of the cast. It’s a pretty
entertaining job. Full of surprises!

Did you learn a lot from working on Home and

Before H&A I had only acted in theatre and its
complettely different to acting infront of a camera. I
learnt a lot about acting from my onscreen mum Clarrissa
House (Beth). She’s incredibally talented.

Who is your favourite actor and actress?

My favourite actors are Johnny Depp and Gene Kelly. My
favourite actress would probably be Audrey Hepburn.

What is your favourite movie?

I love “Singing in the Rain” and also both the “Kill Bill”
movies. And I just saw “Chocolat” and I loved it too! Oh…
and ” A Mighty Wind” was hilarious.

If you could remake any movie what would it

I would love to play Kathy Seldon in “Singing in the

What would we find in the Amy Mizzi stereo at the

“Thirteenth Step” by A Perfect Circle is in my car. And
“Euphoria Morning” by Chris Cornel is in my stereo.

What are your favourite bands or artists?

I could go on forever about my favourite bands. Led
Zepelin, The Tea Party, Audioslave, Ben Harper, John
Buttler Trio, A Perfect Circle, Powderfinger, Alanis
Morrisette, The Beatles…… I could list these for

What do you think of Australian Idol and Popstars

Not a fan.

What radio stations do you normally listen

I dont listen to much radio, I always have an album of some
sort on.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to draw, paint and take photos. I go to the beach a
lot, I also like scuba diving. I listen to music and go to
see a few bands. I catch up with my friends and my
boyfriend, eat as much thai food as possible and I’ve
recently taken up juggling.

What will we see you in next?

I’ll keep popping up in Home and Away for a little bit

Have you got any acting work lined up?

At the moment it’s just Home and Away….. but who knows
what will happen a little further down the line…..

Special thanks to Lambert House Enterprises and of
course Amy Mizzi for this.

You people rock


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