• April 15, 2021

Amy Bissonnette Interview

Amy Bissonnette 
Interview By Chris
Photos by DV Studio

Amy I interviewed a few years back and have kept in touch with her online, I think she is incredibly gorgeous and smart and also got a killer body, I wanted to see what been happening with her. She kindly did another interview for me, she a real sweetheart and I think she awesome, so read on

1. How has life changed since being in PB?

1) Daily life hasn’t changed much, except for when new people I meet find out what I’ve done. I feel as though being a part of the Playboy family automatically puts you in a separate category from other girls. When people find out, they are either pleasantly surprised and intrigued, or hesitant to take you seriously and automatically want to place you in a stereotype. I know employers use Google a lot and I wouldn’t be surprised if its cost me several prospective jobs, but that’s the risk I agreed to when I took those pictures.

2. Do u get offered much modeling job because of it now?
2) I signed up for a Model Mayhem profile and mentioned my work with Playboy. I got A LOT of offers to shoot, but its usually for unpaid work as a trade with aspiring or new photographers. I think they want to be able to put that they’ve worked with a Playboy model on their resume to boost it up, which I don’t blame them for.

3. What was it like being on a television show like Millionaire Matchmaker?

3) The Millionaire Matchmaker was such a fun experience! I love being on a set in front of cameras, so just that alone was really cool. I would have liked to be portrayed in a slightly different light on the show, but overall I received a lot of positive feedback. After it aired I got recognized quite a few times, even got asked to take a picture with a teenage girl, and I just get a kick out of that.

4. Was it is a good experience?
4) For me, it definitely was. I don’t think reality television works out well for everyone. Editing can really alter what actually happened behind the camera, but I was lucky enough that my personality was portrayed pretty accurately.

5. What you worked on recently you enjoyed the most?
5) I recently had a role as a dancing secretary in a political parody music video that hasn’t been released yet. That was so much fun because I was a dancer for 11 years and really enjoyed getting to revisit that in a laid-back, comedic fashion.

6. Who would you most like to work with?
6) Well I can’t really pick out one individual I’d like to work with, but if I had a choice I would absolutely LOVE to be on Glee. That show is totally me in a nutshell – the theatrics, the sporadic singing and dancing, the element of pop culture brought to an otherwise lame high school club. The producers should know that I’d be perfect for it, haha.

7. Has the internet helped you get modeling job?
7) The internet has opened doors to really getting myself a head start in modeling. Model Mayhem would be an extremely useful tool, however, I don’t utilize it to its full potential. If I did I’m sure I would have an extensive portfolio right now.

8. What was it like filming a political parody video?
8) Being a part of a music video was something I’ve actually wanted to do for a while. Granted I always had a mainstream music video for an artist/band in mind, but this was a really cool experience as well. I’ve been told that its going to go extremely viral when its released, so I’m interested in seeing what the reaction will be like since its a bit of a controversial issue.

9. Do u get much jobs out of modelmayhem?
9) I get many, many offers to do modeling for trade (I get free pictures of myself and in turn the photographers get to shoot a model for free), but like I said I don’t utilize it as much as I could. If I was offered good compensation for my time through Model Mayhem, I’m sure I’d use it a lot more.

10. What are you listening to lately that you have enjoyed heaps?
10) My favorite song at the moment is "Break Even" by the Script. Beautiful lyrics that I think everyone can relate to at some point in their life.

11. Any plans to get into acting?
11) Acting is something that I have an interest in, but at the same time I don’t have interest in being an "actress." It really requires a huge commitment to acting/improv classes, head shots, agents, auditions, etc. and I just can’t see where any of that would fit into my life.

12. What is next for amy?
12) Well I decided that getting work in the entertainment industry is something I really enjoy and consider a hobby. I love being in front of camera, performing, dancing, singing, and modeling and I’m always keeping my eyes and ears open for any fun opportunities. I don’t consider becoming a star my main goal in life by any means. I just have a fun time doing this kind of work, so as long as I do I’ll always be up to something. Besides the music video release I mentioned, I will also be filming a popular dating game show in the upcoming weeks that I will give more information about in the future.


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