• September 24, 2020

Alli Walker – The Basements Sessions What I’ve Learned So Far Album Review

Alli Walker – The Basements Sessions What I’ve Learned So Far

If anybody gonna be a huge thing in music, it’s Canadian country singer songwriter Alli Walker. She got a voice, incredible well-written songs that just truly deliver and her debut album delivers on that. There are 10 songs in total that showcase Alli in such a light from the opening song Little Things which is an upbeat country song that shows off her song writing, vocals and musicianship. Raise Your Head is a country tune through and through. The musicianship is on full display and shows off how talented she really is. Love Yourself has got an upbeat ballad vibe to the tune. Her vocals shine as does the lyrics. Fight Till the End is an anthem that shows off what Alli is all about. I love the lyrics and her voice shines. Take Your Power Back is one of my favourites off the album I love the way it is written, the way song is performed and structured. Love use of the vocals and the lyrics. It’s a winner. Sunny Day is a beautifully written and performed tune. It’s a joy to the ears. The song writing is top notch love the use of the piano at the beginning of the tune. It’s a ballad to me and highlights that she can mixes up the songs and the way she writes. Live It is another slower paced song but delivers with musicianship and the song writing. Dive Into Your Own Ocean is another favourite of mine. I love her voice on the song and the lyrics and of course her incredible song writing. It’s a catchy upbeat song to me. This Life Is Good Enough is a song that showcases her vocals and her song writing. How Your Story Goes is a song that has incredible musicianship and excellent song writing from the way the song is structured. Alli has put her everything into this album, you can tell from her personal lyrics and her first class song writing. The album is a first class production, and the musicianship is first rate. Alli has an incredible voice and it truly is on display here. She has released a debut album that is one of the best I have heard in a long time. I’ll say it again but Alli Walker is going to be huge and I know people are gonna be taking notice. Mark my words if they haven’t already. This is simply a must have album.


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