• May 6, 2021

Alicia Sky

Photo by Julia Barbie provided by Alicia

Alicia Sky is a talented singer and songwriter from America. She is one of my favorite people I have interviewed on my site. Meeting her in 2018 and interviewing her in person was a dream come true.

She is one talented and stylish lady. To creating some of her own video clips, to being in charge of her own social media. She is one switched on lady. She is also one of the most nicest, loveliest people you will ever meet. She so grateful for my continue support, she took me to an iconic Hollywood hotel.

Photo taken from her FB Page

I was like how lucky am I to being able to interview this amazing lady. Plus I am hanging out with her. She has the talent and passion to go very far with her music. She is extremely gifted, her songs are always so catchy and a joy to the ears. She sings with so much passion and heart. She is one of my favourite discoveries of the last 10 years and always excited about interviewing her. I hope in the near future I can hang out with her again.

Photo from her FB Page


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