• June 23, 2021

Alicia Sky

Photos by me

Alicia Sky is a born entertainer and one of the hardest working musicians I know. With her involvement in the making of her video clips, to her outfits and make up. She is dedicated to her craft and getting herself out there. She building up a fan base and to me, people are starting to take notice of what she is doing. She is an amazing singer with an incredible voice and songs to match.

The songs are well thought out and good lyrics. I like the energy in the tunes. I love her passion as you can really feel it in every song she has written. She really does have an amazing voice. She can do the ballads as she can do a great catchy pop tune. Whenever there is a new tune out of hers. I have to have it.

She knows to write lyrics that are something special. Every song she has released has always been something special. I am looking forward to hearing a debut album when that comes out.

With songs appearing in television shows and getting excellent supports in live concerts it is all helping her. Her use of social media has helped her and her brand. I am lucky I have been able to interview her for my site and meet her person. She is one of my favourite people I have interviewed on my site and she will always get my support.

She is going to be one of the next big things in pop music mark my words.


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