• April 15, 2021

Aleyce Simmonds – Pieces Of Me Album Review

Aleyce Simmonds – Pieces Of Me (Self Released)

Australia is the home of top quality country music, there are so many good artists doing in this great land of ours. Aleyce Simmonds is one of them. This is her latest release Pieces Of Me. A first class top quality country album beautifully sung and brilliantly performed. Their are 12 tracks in total and they each offer something special to the table. Rob McCormack adds his touches as the producer and co writer on 80% percent of the tracks. Starts of the beautiful track When I Say Too Much. Nicely performed and sung and good lyrics. The Healing Hands Of Time is one of my picks off the album. It’s a lovely song and really liked the intro to the album. Songs like The Keeper, Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt, A Little Too Late, Where Are They Now, Beautiful Distraction show her knack of performing and singing an upbeat country song that is full of life and energy and a joy to the ears. Then you’ve got the songs like I Need To Hold You, Sweet Surrender, Just Because Of Me, Bondwood Boat which show of the beautiful melodies, amazing vocals and the lyrics in a beautiful relaxing almost haunting ballad. It finishes off with a good upbeat track Take Me To The Edge that highlights her way of doing both the upbeat energy and beautiful ballad. This is a fine album, beautiful sung and performed. The band behind her are amazing know how to make Aleyce tunes something very special. I really enjoyed what I heard and think she has got a huge career ahead of her. If you love country music that is really well done you need this.


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