• September 24, 2020

Alexa Borden – Flares Album Review

Alexa Borden – Flares (Self Released)

Alexa Borden contacted me late last year wanting publicity for her music and I loved what I heard so I gave it a plug and this is her latest album, Flares. 14 tracks of good songs written by a good Canadian singer songwriter going places.  The first song Rule The World is mysterious layered with guitars and vocals shining.  Lungs is a beautiful song, the use of the synth mixed with her vocals is truly something good.  They just work well together.  I Want To Be Near To You, with the use of the organ at the start of the song, alongside the keys, her vocals is amazing.  Songs like Still Hold On, Idle are something really cool, catchy tunes, good vocals, good use of instruments, songwriting and production is excellent.  Take Me Higher is another well written tune, good use of instruments, love the use of keyboard, the drums, the lyrics and vocals just gel together.  It’s a beautiful song.  Seismic Sound is a haunting song, the uses of the instruments even if some are just lightly used.  a really nice touch.  Good vocals and lyrics are excellent.  Drift Astray is another cool tune well written, catchy and stays with you.  Give Up The Ship is another amazing song, love the use of piano and echo on the vocals, it’s a haunting song.  Nowhere To Run is another winner of a track, haunting, beautiful and lingers with you.  Alive has a cool intro, it’s a kind of trip pop song, the vocals just work well together with the song.  Everything is in place perfectly.  Don’t You Feel Bad is just Alexa and the piano, a gorgeous song with her vocals shining, great lyrics and the use of backing vocals is a good choice.  Flares the title track is another winner of a track.  The use of the instruments, vocals are used well here.  Love the use of the drum machine.  Bloom finishes off the album, it’s a great instrumental song that shows of Alexa songwriting.  Alexa Borden is one of the new breed of singer songwriters who use keyboards, synths, drum machines to add something unique, exciting and haunting to her music.  This is an album, that is haunting and beautiful.  Has something to says and also very exciting.  She is doing something amazing here and I know the world will stand up and take notice.  I did.


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