• June 5, 2020

Susy Blue – Nobody’s Somebody Album Review

Susy Blue – Nobody’s Somebody (Self Released)


Susy Blue latest album Nobody’s Somebody is a cracker of a release well written songs and production by Shane O’Mara is first rate. It opens up with the song Murder Bolero which reminds me of Tully On Tully and has a gothic feel to the tune. Wish in my Dish is a catchy number with the clap hand intro and the way the vocals are sung. Fell from a Wall has great vocals by Susan and I love the use of backing vocals and the musicianship is excellent. Gone Now has great use of Violin to open the track and throughout the song, vocals are solid as is the musicianship. Baby I’m Bored has a kind of jazz/rock/soul feel to the tune, it’s a catchy tune the guitar playing in the song is excellent. Always Alone has a soul rock feel to it, with the way vocals are sung and the way the song is structured to the musicianship. Messy’n is a kind of a haunting ballad number I love the way the song is structured and written, vocals are solid as is the lyrics. Sirens has a kind of jazzy pop feel that has great use of vocals, strings. Song is well structured and musicianship is solid.  Hopefully I’ll Die just delivers with solid vocals, lyrics and musicianship. Cheer The Fuck Up is another winning tune I love the piano playing in the song as I love the solid vocals and lyrics. Almost Love You finishes off the album with a good way to finish off an album. This is a good album has something for everyone on it. It’s a well written and structured album, Susan is a fine singer and songwriter. The production is first rate. I can see her going very far with an album like this.  Worth your time.


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