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Skyways Are Highways


Skyways Are Highways are a exciting band from Aussie doing good. This is what they had to say, so read on.


1. For someone unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

Eli: Sunshine, adventure and pineapple passion!!

2. Do you think right place right time or is all about the song?

Eli: Both, a lot of both!!!

3. Do you think its better to keep your fans waiting after planning how you want your material released?

Eli: I definitely think suspense plays a major part in art, it’s all about drama!!

4. Do you think exclusives work when promo new work or let everybody put it out there?

Angie: Exclusives have benefits, for sure. It’s a good way to build hype around a release.

5. Does songwriting get any easier or more less the same?

Eli: Songwriting gets both easier and more mystifying, the more you learn about music, the more it just seems like magic!!!!

6. Do you think its still worthwhile putting out cds or is vinyl the way to go?

Angie: CDs still have their place, but vinyl is a far more exciting format. We just released our 3rd EP, and got it pressed overseas on vinyl. Its great to just hold a record in your hands, appreciate the art work, and it allows you to get more involved in the listening process!

7. Spotify yay or nay and why?

Angie: The more people have access to your music, the better. I like to stream something before I buy it, Spotify is a good way to test before you buy I guess. Saying that though… the royalties payments seem pretty dodgy for small artists.

8. What the rest of the year have instore?

Angie: We are doing a couple of East Coast tours! First off, supporting British India for a couple of shows (including Halloween on the GC!), and then supporting Sea Legs throughout November! So keen!

9. YouTube helped the music industry or not and why?

Angie: I find YouTube handy when I want to show someone a new song. Videos can be way more accessible, especially when you have a short attention span haha

10. What a guilty secret act you like?

Angie: We all love Miley Cyrus! I just saw her perform in Melbourne and she was absolutely amazing!

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