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Shaila Vaidya

Shaila Vaidya
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Interview With Shaila Vaidya By Chris 28/2/06

Shaila Vaidya is one great up and coming actress.
She has got the talent to go far and she will
She is one my new favourites actress.
She will be around for a while so I wanted to help promote
So read this interview and remember the name Shaila


1. What made you want to be an actress?

All my life growing up I never really knew what I wanted to
be. I always thought I’d be some kind of doctor or have a
profession with an emphasis in science. But after my first
acting classes, for the first time in my life, I felt
really passionate about something. It amazed me the
processes that actors go through to transform and to
immerse themselves into these different lives. And what
better way to spend your life then to do something you

2. Who were your idols growing up?

Not to sound cliché, but my mom. She’s just such an
amazing woman, and I’ve always hoped that I would grow up
to be half the woman she is. I was never a kid who idolized
an athlete, or a singer. Though I do have to admit that I
was in love with Michael Jackson before I was even out of

3. Would you go overseas for a role in a film?

I think going on location anywhere to film is great. So
going overseas would be like an extra bonus. There are not
many professions that allow you to experience such

4. If you could work with anybody who would it

Wow, that’s a tough one. Well what girl wouldn’t want to
work with someone smoking hot like Brad Pitt…haha.
On a serious note though, I would love to work with
Charlize Theron. She is just such an amazing actress to
watch on screen. Though it would be intimidating to work
with someone with such immense talent, it would be a great
learning experience.

5. What are some of your favourite movies?

I’m a big fan of movies that are just fun. Probably any
movie that I can watch over and over again and never get
tired of. On that list would be Billy Madison, Happy
Gilmore, Zoolander, and the dance movie Center Stage.

6. What movies you have seen lately you have really

I’ve seen a lot of movies that I’ve enjoyed, but the last
one I saw that really touched me was Finding

7. Who have you enjoyed working with?

Well I’m still at the beginnings of my career, but I’ve
definitely enjoyed every set and group of people I’ve
worked with. And don’t forget all those people behind the
scenes too; they sometimes give you the best laughs.

8. What kinda role would you most like to

I’m a big fan of dramas; I get such a thrill from playing
characters that are going through these dark periods of
their lives. Though in the movies its usually heightened
reality, I really enjoy the challenge of getting myself to
that emotional state of mind.

9. What are your thoughts on studio remaking

Good and bad. It’s always a disappointment to see a really
good movie poorly remade, because then it leaves a bad
taste in your mouth when you think of it again. But in the
sense of introducing a whole new generation to a movie they
might not have even known about, then I think it’s worth
it. There’s a lot of old movies that people haven’t seen
and probably never would, but remakes give them an
opportunity to enjoy a classic.

10. What are your favourite genre of movies?

I love any movie that’s based on a true story. I think it
makes any movie extra exciting to watch.

10. What has been your favourite role so far?

I enjoyed the challenge of the drama I did called Touch My
Girl. I played a young girl in an abusive relationship
trying to break free. It was very intense, and taught me a
lot about the challenges of being a good actor.

12. If you could be on any tv show what would you be

I think it would be cool to play an intern on Grey’s
Anatomy. I’m a big fan of the show and the drama that
happens between all the characters is always

13. What your view on realty TV? Good Or Bad?

Well as an actress I would have to say bad because it puts
us out of work with less acting opportunities. As a
consumer though I would say the reality shows that are
based around helping people or informing them are great. I
can’t stand most of the others.

14. What have you got lined up next?

Exciting news to come!

15. What’s in your stereo at the moment?

Christina Aguilera’s Stripped album. I can’t get over how
talented she is.

16. What are some of your favourite music

I’m a big fan of music that brings back memories of growing
up. Anything from the 80s and 90s.

17. What do you enjoy doing when not acting?

Lately I’ve been catching up on all the Harry Potter books
and organizing my photo albums.

Thanks to Bruce from Pine River Entertainment for
organising it and Shaila for doing it

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