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Ok so two of my favorite people I have interviewed on this website Olivia May and Alexa Borden have released new tunes today on the same day. Let me tell you they are both excellent tunes and I urge you to get both of them.

Let’s start with Olivia May, the gorgeous Olivia May has released her new tune Tonight. To me it is the perfect pop tune, it’s perfectly written, Olivia sings her heart out and the production is just spot on. It’s a great tune and you can get it at most major digital retailers and if you get it at CDBaby you can get in Flac. She looks incredible in the video clip but that isn’t hard she is a gorgeous woman.

Alexa Borden new tune Monterey is a fantastic tune, a lot different to what she had been doing. It is a haunting anthmatic rock tune that shows off her voice. The excellent production and the masterful musicianship. Get it from Bandcamp now.


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