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Lindsay Felton

Lindsay Felton
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Interview With Lindsay Felton By Chris 23/2/06

Lindsay Felton is one great hard working actress.
She has been in the movie Grind and in the tv series
Caitlin’s Way
She will be around for a while so I wanted to help promote
So read on

1. What made you want to be an actress?

Well, I started it as a hobby in Seattle, where I am from,
because a family friend started a children’s talent agency.
I always thought it was a lot of fun and had a natural
talent for it… Then when I was eight years old I got a
big part on a national tv sitcom called Thunder Alley. That
was the first time I ever got a taste of what it was like
to do it for a living and ever since then I just never
could fathom doing anything else with my life. Every
project I worked on, I became more and more certain about

2. Who were your idols growing up?

I really loved Mary Martin from this old version of peter
pan because I wanted to play peter pan and she was the
first woman I ever saw do that. My other favourite female
actresses that I watched a lot were Judy Garland in the
Wizard of Oz and Olivia Newton John in Grease…. I also
really idolized Robbie Benson who did the voice of the
Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast because he was the
director of Thunder Alley… Those were when I was really
young… and most importantly I idolized my mother, not as
an actor of course, but a person in general.

3. Would you go overseas for a role in a film?

Of course! I have already, and would love to again.

4. If you could work with any body who would it

The Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson, Kevin Smith, PT Anderson,
Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, Elijah Wood, Hayden
Christensen, Meryl Streep, Cathrine O’Hara, Eddie Izzard,
Christopher Guest, Gael Garcia Bernal, Claire Danesm
Scarlett Johannson…. and my buddy Vince Vieluf (over and
over again)…

5. What are some of your favourite movies?

Too many to list really, but I will *attempt* a top ten (in
no particular order):
1. Clockwork Orange
2. Mallrats
3. Best in Show
4. Galaxy Quest
5. Goonies
6. Bottle Rocket
7. Boogie Nights
8. Shawshank Redemption
9. Evil Dead 2
10. As Good as it Gets PLEASE NOTE: This is the smallest
fraction possible that I could list in order to represent
my taste in movies, but they are my life and I could list
100,000 more…

6. What movies you have seen lately you have really

Good Night and Good Luck and the City of Lost

7. Who have you enjoyed working with?

I have been really fortunate to have worked with some of
the greatest people on the planet. My friend Jeremy Foley
from my show Caitlin’s Way was one of my best friends for
years during and after the show. In fact, nearly everyone
on Caitlin’s Way became a close friend of mine for years,
cast and crew… Also, Vince from Grind, who I actually met
in Canada before we filmed the movie when I was doing
Caitlins Way and he was doing Rat Race. Vince and I are
still friends and having him play my brother was one of the
greatest things that has ever happened.

8. What kinda role would you most like to

I would like to play a lot of different roles, but I think
my ideal parts lately have been Kiera Knitely’s role in
Pirates of the Caribbean, Scarlett Johansson’s role in Lost
in Translation, Natalie Portmans role in Garden State,
and/or Closer or Claire Danes’s roles in Romeo and Juliet,
Igby Goes Down, and Shopgirl.

9. What are your thoughts on studio remaking

There are no original ideas really, so it makes sense…
but if it was a GREAT movie the first time around, they
should make sure it is going to be just as great or greater
if they are going to re-make it. Unfortunately that is not
always the case now is it?

10. What are your favourite genre of movies?

Comedies, Dramadies, or anything that is really weird and
twisted. Almost anything with a lot of humor and

11. What were some of your favourite tv shows growing

Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, Fraggle Rock, The Cosby
Show, Cheers, Home Improvement, You Can’t Do That on
Television, Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, Are You Afraid of
the Dark, Clarissa Explains it All, and Pete and

12. What your view on realty TV? Good Or Bad?

Bad for me… It takes away from all the parts I could be
getting if they were actual shows… but what can I say? I
have been sucked into my share of reality television.

13. What have you got lined up next?

::Sigh:: I am sad to say, nothing at the moment. I
currently attend acting classes and am actively looking for
acting work here in Los Angeles. It’s a tough road I have
chosen for myself, but hopefully that will just make
success that much sweeter. I haven’t worked since filming
GRIND in 2003, but I know something is gonna happen this
year. If I don’t get on a set soon I will go insane!

14. What’s in your stereo at the moment?

I have an IPOD, and lately I have been listening to:
“Rebellion” and “Headlights look like Diamonds” by The
Arcade Fire, “That Dress Looks Nice on You” by Sufjan
Stevens, “To be Young is to be Sad (is to be High)” by Ryan
Adams, “New Slang” and “Caring is Creepy” by the Shins,
“More Than a Feeling” by Boston, anything by The Beatles or
Ben Folds…

15. What are some of your favourite music

To name a few in no order:
1. Led Zeppelin
2. The Beatles
3. Ben Folds/Ben Folds 5
4. The Doors
5. The Shins
6. Simon and Garfunkle
7. Bob Dylan
8. The Allman Bothers
9. Crosby, Stills, and Nash
10. The Cure Oh man, top 10 lists are SO HARD!

16. What do you enjoy doing when not acting?

Watching Movies, Hanging Out with Friends, Camping,
Drinking, Eating, Shopping, Disneyland, Road Trips,
Karaoke, Hookah Bars, Listening to Music, Reading, Writing,
Taking Pictures…. Playing with my cat.

17. What has been the highlight of your career so

Probably when I was on Caitlin’s Way, my Nickelodeon
show… It was one of the greatest times of my life. Grind
was pretty awesome too though.

18. What is next for Lindsay Felton?

Something Fantastic! I will let you know when it happens…
until then, Rent GRIND if you haven’t seen it, or watch me
in the movie I filmed in Paris, it’s called “The Metro
Chase”. You can get it on Netflix and… I will
tell ya, I was partying in Paris when I made that film
about 4 or 5 years ago, and it’s not what I’d call “Great
Art” or anything, but it’s cute, check it out in support of
me if nothing else. In fact, if you feel like supporting
me, find me under my name on and watch anything of
mine you can find, and then post about it on the message
boards or write to the companies that produce and cast the
movies and tell them that you’d like to see me in more
stuff, haha! Alright, thanks for taking the time to read
this. Cheers!

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