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Interview With Gillian from Kumuchi By Chris 11/5/07

Kumuchi are dance music outfit from the UK.

They write and play good dance music

So read the interview and find out more.

Kumichi Website

1. How did I get in to music?

…Well I started off as a dancer, worked abroad and realized that the singers with our shows got more money, more respect and had more fun! While I struggled to dance in 3 inch heels (I’m only small) It didn’t matter how tall the singer was. On the cruise ships they even had there own cabin!! I thought I can do that!!!

2. Who were my idols?

…Being a child growing up in Liverpool Beatles music was played constantly in our house so I loved them at first. Next my big brothers (I’ve got 7!) introduced me to bands like Toto and Blondie, Prince…I know diverse.

3. Who were your influences?

…mmm… My first gig was singing and playing Sax in a soul band and that influenced me early on…sort of a funky soul disco feel…well I am blonde… Then I heard some dance music tracks ..Fragma, Ian Van Dahl, Lasgo and I was sold.

4. Are you happy with the responses from the music on the web?

… So far so good. It’s great to get our music out to a wider audience and discover we have a world wide appeal. We even had hate mail from a guy who set up what he called “The real Kumuchi” site and he attached willys to my pictures. I saw the funny side and thought if someone had gone to that much trouble Kumuchi had arrived.

5. Do you have any releases in the pipeline?

Releases due out in the next few months are on compilations “Alone” a Kumuchi original and “Little Lies” a rework of the Fleetwood Mac classic. The album can be bought from here:

6. What inspired you to get into dance Music?

6. What inspired me to get into dance music…. The club scene in Liverpool.. after singing cabaret classics in several bands at social clubs…(good way to pay the rent, buy food).. it was great to go out and dance my socks off all night. When I met Producer Dave Watkin and heard his music I immediately felt inspired. I wanted to write the songs I was dancing to, not sing other peoples… Kumuchi was born.

7. What has been the highlight so far?

7. The highlight so far….PA’s I love them I have two male dancers so I get to dance as well as sing. When you arrive at the venue you get escorted to the dressing room and as soon as you get onstage the crowd go wild…. Well it beats being less important than the bingo in a social club! Mind you gigging and living in Japan was pretty cool too.

8. Do you the internet has helped bands get noticed by labels and industry people?

8. The Internet for getting noticed by labels and in the Music Industry?… Certainly has helped I’m a big fan of MySpace! I think a lot of careers will be forged from a lucky contact made on MySpace. It also beats sending of a cd and praying it will be listened to instead of becoming landfill.

9. What is on your stereo at the moment?

9. On my stereo at the moment is a song we’ve just finished recording called “Paradise” I love it makes me go all tingly …think its gonna be a hit. I also love listening to “Boogie Tonight” by Tweet.

10. What are some of your favorite musical artists/bands?

10. My favorite artists/bands at the moment are, in any order. Basement Jaxx, Studio B, ShapeShifters.

11. Has your music been bought by any overseas record labels?

11. Just licensed a few tracks to “Subsonic Records” in Australia, release pending so hopefully you will be hearing a lot more of Kumuchi.

12. How did you get involved with Dave and form Kumuchi?

12. Aha I met Dave in a Library, I had just returned back from Japan and was printing off some publicity pictures. Dave peeking over my shoulder noticed I was a singer, mentioned he was a producer looking for a singer!!! I know the Library and Dance music!!

13. What is next for Kumuchi & Yourself?

13. What’s next?? At the moment Dave and I are collaborating with Big Love Productions. I’m also looking at working with different producers and writing for other acts but my heart still belongs to Kumuchi.

Phew !!! Another fact you might like to mention is Kumuchi is derived from a Japanese word meaning “Feels good” The correct spelling of it produced Japanese porn sites every time we typed it into the internet! We changed the spelling somewhat and now I’ve been told kumuchi is Korean for cabbage!! Also Hindi for “beautiful eyes” so that’s not so bad. Lol.

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