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All right I am updating and doing stuff. Have a new interview to put up this weekend but I am gonna be transcribing it first. I’ll be honest and frank, I am really not supporting many fundraising campaigns for musicians. I am honestly only doing it for the ones I truly like Katey Laurel is one of those people.

So this gorgeous woman has a new EP coming out produced by Warren Huart and a video for the title track “Daydream” and I for one will be contributing to it.  I got her Christmas CD and it’s amazing,  So if you dig what Katey is doing like I do, you should put some money in. I shall be.  I’ve also decided to make this gorgeous woman my second beauty of the week.  She would have to be one of the most beautiful people I have ever interviewed on my site. So I suggest you donate, it will be worth your while.

Photos by Art Heffron

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