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Heather Longstaffe

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Heather Longstaffe is a fantastic singer songwriter who is somebody who I now consider a friend. She to me is the complete package with incredible song’s,  great voice and incredibly beautiful.  She has a EP out that is incredible.


1. Are you happy how the new EP has been received?
I’ve had people write to me about every track on the EP, because it has effected them in some way.  That’s all I can ask for, that makes me happy.

2. How was the songwriting process different to earlier material?
The biggest difference was probably that two of these songs were co-written over skype!
I also got to include two songs that I wrote by myself.

3. Did you record it differently than earlier material?
Brad Hill produced the EP whom I’ve worked with for years, but I was excited to also involve Dan Swinimer in the production of Slingshot and Rooftops, who co-wrote those songs with me.

4. How important to you was doing a radio tour to get your new song out their to the masses?
I think it’s really cool to get to meet the people playing your song face to face.  There is no better way to say thank you.
5. Do you think doing things like that is still important in the days of the internet and social media?
I think millions of people still listen to local or satellite radio, myself included.  Radio is a massive medium, and can introduce you to an entire audience that may not be so internet savvy.
6. Are you surprised how far you have come and slowly that all the hard work you are doing is taking shape?
Sometimes I feel as if I haven’t gained any ground, that is until i start to look behind me. I’d say I’m less surprised by how far I’ve come and more surprised by how slowly it started taking shape.

7. What inspires you now when songwriting or is it more less the same?
heartbreak is still my number one inspiration. bring it on.

8. You always look amazing what is your secret?
Instagram filters!

9. What the reasoning for the tattoo on the side of your arm?
I was going through a hard time where I was very confused with how my life was responding to the actions i was trying to take in it.  While talking it out with my mom on the phone she said “Trust the journey” and I immediately responded with “mom, you just gave me my tattoo.”

10. What do you hope 2016 has in store for you and what are your plans for it?
Get ready for new music! and get ready for it to be different.

11. Will we get an album in the works?
in the works is a good way to phrase it

12. When you finally gonna come and tour Australia?
Its in my top 3 places to go.  Lets get your radio stations spinning Jack Daniels and make it happen!

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