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Giuliana DePandi

Giuliana DePandi
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Interview With Giuliana DePandi By Chris

Giuliana DePandi is a reporter and a host for The E
She manages to interview actors/actresses in
Plus check out some of the cool stuff in Hollywood. So read
on folks.


1. How did you start at E?

My talent agent sent my demo reel to E! and from that, they
gave me a one week audition. They liked my work and shortly
after, offered me a reporter role on E! News Live.

2. Do you enjoy what you do?

Yes, I love it. Even when I am having a stressful day at
work, I take a step back and say “Are you kidding, you have
the greatest job ever!” And then I quickly snap into a
great mood.

3. Is there anybody in the entertainment industry who
really annoys you?

The only thing that annoys me is when celebrities are rude
and annoyed by doing press for their movies. I feel that
publicity comes with the territory of being a celebrity and
it’s just a part of being in the limelight.

4.Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

Honestly? My co-anchor Patrick Stinson. I have a tendency
to freak out sometimes when things aren’t going right and
Patrick always keeps his cool. He’s very confident and
makes me feel like I’m always in good hands when he’s

5.What are some of your favourite movies?

Some of my favorite movies are Good Fellas and The
Godfather…I love mafia movies (I guess that has
something to do with being born in Italy and raised
Italian!!!) My all time favorite is Moulin Rouge. I have
seen that movie a dozen times and it gets better every
time. Baz is a genius and Nicole Kidman is the epitome of
beauty in that film. The Italian film “Life is Beautiful”
was one of the most touching and sad movies I have ever

6. What movies you have seen recently that you really

I loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I thought
the subject matter was incredibly clever.

7. Have you seen any movies that made you walk out or
turn off the tv?

Hmmmm…I can’t think of any!!!

8. What is your view on the studios remaking

I think remakes are fine if done well.

9. What is your view on realty tv?

I think it’s great. Whatever people find entertaining is
fine with me.

10. What do you think of the American Idol

I think it’s an amazing show. To take a talented, young
artist from obscurity to fame is awesome!

11. What are some of your favourite musical

I love all types of music from Kanye West and Usher to Pete
Yorn and Travis and I still always keep one Frank Sinatra
cd in my car.

12. Did you enjoy working on the movie Paparazzi (It
looks like a good movie)?

I had such a great time working on Paparazzi. The director
and the actors were so sweet. My family and friends got a
real kick out of watching the film so that made it even

13. Is there anybody you would really like to

I would love to interview Roberto Benigni just so I could
tell him how much his movie, Life is Beautiful, meant to

14. What your view on celebrities using their profile to
promote getting bush out?

I believe when you are a celebrity you have a platform to
be heard and it’s up to the public to determine what they
are or are not going to believe.

15. Has there been anybody you have interview that just
wasn’t friendly?

Nothing that really stands out. Everyone is graceful for
the most part.

16. What is one thing you most would like to

I would love to take time off to write a book.

17. What is next in the pipeline for you?

To keep interviewing celebrities and having fun!

Giuliana DePandi

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