• July 11, 2020

Fireside Bellows

Fireside Bellows

Fireside Bellows

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Interview with Fireside Bellows By Chris 17/1/09

Fireside Bellows is an amazing duo featuring Jordie Lane & Tracy McNeil who are both amazing solo artists, their debut album No Time To Die is a first class Masterpiece .

So a new interview was a must, so we chatted down over toasted sandwich in a busy cafe about their music, the success of it,radio play and the various gigs coming up. So it’s available to download as a podcast and sadly the quality isn’t fantastic, too much people talking in the background but you can hear the questions and answers.

Fireside Bellows MySpace

Please note, the quality isn’t the best but you can most certainly hear the interview and please enjoy

Please contact me if you decide to use the interview somewhere as I took the time do the interview and would appreciate being credited.

Interview is in MP3 Format

Fireside Bellows Interview 29MB


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