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Caitlin Harnett – The River Runs North 



Caitlin Harnett I reckon would be one of Australia finest singer songwriters and this album only strengthen that. It is a beautifully written album that is also well produced and really does shine. It opens up with the incredible track Saviour (I Tried) that shows off her songwriting, vocals and lyrics. Oh I Have Suffered has a alt country/ indie vibe the way vocals are performed and the  way the song is structured. Benny would be one of the picks off the album, I love the way the song is structured and the nice touches of the horn add to the song.  Her vocals are in fine form. Wandering Man lets the songwriting and vocals shine. It’s just Caitlin and guitar and its a beautifully written track. Don’t Do Me Wrong has great use of the banjo through out the track, the musicianship is first rate. Honey Are You Alright is another pick off the album for me, love the  use of the electric guitar. The vocals and the lyrics shine. Big Old Love has great musicianship and vocals. For A While Now is another winner, a bit energetic, good vocals and songwriting and the use of the harmonica and piano is a nice touch.  Bad Man is a bit more laid back with excellent use of banjo. Her vocals and songwriting shine here. Darling It’s You is another song that’s let’s Caitlin vocals and songwriting shine alongside her guitar playing. My Baby is another  winning track that is well written, great musicianship and moving. The Raven has great vocals by Caitlin and the song-writing shines. This is such a beautifully written and moving album that is one of the best of the year. Prepared to be blown away.

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