• July 11, 2020

Brianna Carpenter Interview

Brianna Carpenter



Brianna Carpenter is a talented Brisbane artist who is doing amazing things. With her new album On So It Goes to be released on the 8th of June and I knew I had to interview this talented artist for my site. I am a fan and you will be seeing a review of her new album on the site in the next few days.


1. What was the inspiration behind the album?

To put it simply – people. I draw most of my inspiration from observing people and the way they behave.

2. What inspires you now when writing music?

I like to confront my audience with questions that they don’t necessarily want to be asking themselves. I find inspiration in trying to find a new way to write about those age old topics – love, loss, doubt (etc).

3. How was the recording process different to earlier releases?

The new album “On So It Goes” was recorded and produced by myself from my own recording studio that I have been building up over the years. I’ve done a degree in Music Production so I wanted to set myself the challenge of handling this release on my own.

4. Do you know more now from when you were starting out?

Absolutely. Oh my gosh. I’m learning new things about the whole process every day. The whole music industry is evolving constantly and I’ve just started my own record label “Fringe Records” too – which means there is still MUCH to learn.

5. What do you hope people get out of the album and what do you hope the album will do for you?

I hope that people will really listen to the lyrics and find relevance in their own lives. For me – I hope the album will show people that I’m a flippin’ good Producer and ready to work with other artists on their own projects.
6. How has synchronization helped you with your career?

The syncing/publishing side of the industry is the area that I’m most interested in. I love the fact that I can write a song – and then it can end up on a film, ad or television show that I never would have expected but somehow suits the mood perfectly. The money you gain from this area certainly helps to keep my wheels in motion too.

7. Have you had much response from overseas fans and industry?

When I had my track “Landslide” featured on NBC and CTV overseas I received a lot of attention from overseas listeners. They follow my goings on. I hope to visit the USA, Canada & Japan in the near future too to broaden the network.

8. What do you like about playing live and touring?

The best thing about playing live is being able to instantly gain a reaction from your audience. Every show is different and no two people interpret a song in the same way. Touring isn’t something I’m a huge fan of personally. I’m more of a “studio geek”.

9. Do you have any special thing you do before playing a show?

I generally don’t write a set list until I’m just about to go onstage. That seems to be quite a calming thing for me to take a moment and plan out the order. Obviously if I’m playing with a big band though – I have my set list organised.

10. How has social networking helped you as an artist?

Immensely. I wouldn’t be where I am without it. Again – it’s a little like playing live because you have an instant reaction from the audience to whatever you post.

11. What does it mean to connect with your fans?

It means everything. The fans are what keep the ball rolling. I hate the word “fans” though. For some reason it seems too elitist to me.

12. What does the rest of 2014 have in store for you?

I’m releasing my album On So It Goes on the 8th of June and holding a special One Night Only event at The Old Museum in Brisbane that same day which I’m super looking forward to. There will be a string quartet joining me on stage as well as my normal band and I’m going to be playing a Grand Piano too which is a nice change from my keyboard. The rest of the year entails single releases, film clips, a few gigs around Brisbane and a festival show at The Teneriffe Festival in July.

13. If you could have anybody in a video clip who would it be?

Zooey Deschanel. She’s a glorious human being.

14. Who is an artist who has inspired you recently?

Rufus Wainwright. I love him. I’m not shy about it either. 🙂


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