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Photo Taken by Snappatronik Photography

Friday May 9 Album Launch

The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

You know when you interview somebody and they remember you after you had interviewed them a few years earlier, Bonjah is one of those bands, just really nice guys, good attitude and hard working. Bonjah have released their new album and its is a cracker of an album. Those boys from NZ who now live in Aussie are doing good. I chattered to Reagan and he was a pleasure to chat to. I asked why the move to Inertia and he tells me there was a good group of people working their that made them felt like family. They got into managing acts basically because they could not find somebody suitable enough to look after them, so they kept doing it themselves and starting looking after others. They are happy how the album has turned out and hope people love which they are from the feedback they have been getting since the album has been released.

They wanted to do one of show on Burke St Mall which they used to do play their regularly when they first moved to Australia and playing shows. They got to see people they have not seen years and he said they missed playing Burke St. Because of their experience booking their own shows and so on Reagan became a booking agent for 123 agency which has been for about eight months and knows what venue and vibe would suit a band and the usual where shows work and who has a good promoter and so on.

He finds European audiences to be passionate and crazy people in a good way, he finds them to be similar to Australian audiences and they just get right into it. He says the shows are always bigger. With London smaller venues but always a good time. Bonjah are true example of hard working band who keeps doing what they do and results keep paying off. If you never seen them before you should see they live they always put on a cracker of a show. Good times are had. Go and get the new album Beautiful Wild you will not be disappointed.

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