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Amanda Rogers

I adore Amanda Rogers, she is my favorite singer songwriter of all time. She is an incredible singer songwriter, first came across her music in 2003, interviewed her and have gotten behind her music ever since. Her last album Wild is an incredible double album set that’s worth your time but her whole back catalog is incredible. So this extremely talented and extremely beautiful lady is my beauty of the week.  She is incredibly beautiful, such a talented artist with an amazing voice and songs that just shine. She is a fantastic piano player. Long as I am running this site, she will always get publicity from me. Seriously just look at her, she is beautiful.

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2 Responses to Amanda Rogers

  • Amanda says:

    Thank you Chris for your longtime support of my music! I enjoy the compilations Parx-e has released and appreciate the support you and Parx-e has given for original music across the globe! Many Thanks from snowy Syracuse, NY, USA!

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