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1200 Techniques have new material, a new ep on the way which they went on the crowd funding campaign for. DJ Peril who I chatted to said they wanted to get the fans involved with ep so they offered some rare stuff they had lying around as incentives and it worked. As for the material they had the beats and material lying around and just went for it. But they have had to get the new songs ready for their live show and after 12 practices the old magic they hace luve is coming back.They are itching to play live, they haven’t played together in a while but they are raring to go. The way they have been songwriting has not changed and us still pretty much business as usual. They even have their old team behind them same record label and same booking agent. Sticking with Rubber Records again was a no braner as they were the first ones to give them ago. This time around it’s just Rubber and no major label backing. Chatting to DJ Peril, he was full of energy and excitement and you know that gonna come across in their live shows. They are back and I know they are gonna go for it.


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