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Monthly Archives: October 2016

I adore Georgia Mae and love what she does as a musician. She kindly let me use two of her tunes in my Parx-e Story video and this is her new video clip for Move and it’s a Jaw dropping stunning clip.  The song itself is a catchy pop tune and her voice is on fire. Georgia Mae is gonna be a star and I for one will keep on supporting

I adore Moreton and so much very much looking forward to seeing them play next month in November. This is their debut EP Specimen I bought my copy off Google Play on Friday and have been cranking it ever since. I urge to get a copy and crank it. Songwriting, vocals and production are just excellent.





15 years ago I started up this very website and I have made a video celebrating it. Me saying a few words but mainly favorite people of mine who I have given love to here on the site to say a few words. Here it is and enjoy

Thanks to Michelle Ellen Jones, Passerine, Yeo, Karen Waldrupt, Hilary Kennedy, Moreton, Allison Kugel, HPKNS, Emma Hamilton, Heather Longstaffe, Callie Q, Rya Meyers, Francesca De Valence, Miss Elm, Anne Bergstedt, Jen Nikolaisen, Katy James, Amy Schafnitz, Demi Louise, Hen, Kaitlin Thomas, Steph Hannah, Katey Laurel, Kelsey Lewis, Shannon Hurley, Katie Cole, Scott Thurling of Popboomerang Records, Earl, Mike Altamura Michael Meeking, Lexi Strate for contributing to the video.

Songs Used

by The Vaudeville Smash

by Alexa Borden

Eat The Crumbs
by Steph Hannah

Keeper Of The Key
by Georgia Mae

Never Been In Love
by Shannon Hurley

Time With You
by Georgia Mae

All songs used with permission

Destiny Love


I adore what Destiny Love does and has given her a lot of love on this very site and continue to do so. She is a very talented lady, she can sing, act, teaches Yoga and lot’s of other very inspiring stuff. She is also a very beautiful woman and as the late Warren Wiebe sing’s “She got beauty outside, beauty within”.

I will continue to support what she does like her teaching these Yoga classes if you can go please do.

To find out more about what Destiny Love does visit her site


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With Abraham Tilbury + North Elements
MYAMI reveals the music video to latest single The Fire. Showcasing her distinctive sound of R&B fused with vocally driven electro-pop, The Fire features MYAMI’s layered warm and melodic vocals weaved around the driving beats of producer Wayfarer//.

The Fire is about being constantly at war with yourself and being your own barrier, “it’s about overcoming obstacles and pushing yourself to do better”, explains MYAMI. Directed by Jonathan Grace, the music video “reflects that feeling of being under close examination, when really it is only you who is paying such close attention”.

With three singles released across the last 12 months, MYAMI is excited to release her latest cut, accompanied by a music video to be released October 5 and her single launch in Melbourne October 15at Hugs & Kisses with special guests Abraham Tilbury and North Elements.