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I’ve been a bit slack on the site, I’m in a crossroads right now.  I have a few reviews to put up on the site which I will be doing next week.

But don’t worry folks I ain’t going anywhere

Retailes is a comedy that features two people I have interviewed on this site Kaitlin Thomas & Denise J Reed.  The premise to me sounds like they are on to a winner. I shall be donating will you be. I can see this going places.

They have a range of stuff you get if you donate. So if you like supporting independent cinema go for it.




I adore Lisa Salvo and what she does, she done a bunch of shows for a few years back and still think she is one of the best songwriters in the country.  This is her videoclip for her song Lullaby and it’s a great song and clip. Go check her out, she is worth watching live. Can’t wait for the album



Joe Bonamassa – Different Shades Of Blue (J & R Adventures/Only Blues Music)


What can I say but if I had probably never volunteered at PBS FM I probably would of not discovered Joe Bonamassa and become the fan I am today and what can I say but I love this album, as usual the production by Kevin Shirley and the musicianship and guitar playing by Joe is top shelf. This album is all original material unlike the others which have been mixture of originals and his versions of classic blues tunes or having guest vocals.  The song writing and guitar playing is evident in Oh Beautiful which is classic Joe Bonamassa. Songs like I Gave Up Everything For You is classic blues with the guitar playing and the way the song is structured to the use of the horns. It highlights how good Joe is as an artist.  Songs like Never Give All Your Heart is another track that shows off Joe amazing guitar playing, song writing and musicianship. His vocals shine thru out the song, the use of backing vocals is good. I love the use of the piano thru out the song. Joe has never been better and this albums shows off why he is so good at what he does, He such a talented musician and his music something special. He is an amazing musician and I for one will always love what he does. If you love good musicianship and good blues music, get this, you will so not be disappointed.

All About Lizzie

All About Lizzie is an exciting new and fun television series I had read about. Thanks to the Internet I got ask the creator/director John Hopson about it all. If you get a chance when it becomes available. seriously go check it out. I’ve seen the Pilot and loved it. So read on.


1.) What was the inspiration behind the series?

It was a combination of things,  It started when I was watching Will and Grace with my ex-girlfriend (roommate) now lesbian. I said, “Wow this is like us only in reverse” My ex replied, ” It is, you should write a script about this”.  Many men are fascinated by the lesbian world and would like a bit more insight and understanding into this universe. My sister is also lesbian and I used to hang out with her and peers often.  My determination to get the show out grew when many people including my college professors told me the show was too controversial  and would never air.  I became very determine to prove them wrong.

2.). How did the cast and crew come on board for the series?

Many of the cast members auditioned for their roles.  How the roles of  Lizzie and Jordan became cast was interesting.  We had been auditioning for three weeks for the role of Lizzie and after three weeks of brutal casting we had given up on finding our Lizzie.  Allison entered the room she was very late and begged for an opportunity to audition.  Too be honest I was very tired and a bit frustrated how late she showed up.  I remembered how it was for me as an actor so  we gave her an opportunity and she seize the moment.   She was a bit young, but delivered.  As for the role of Jordan Corey landed the role by filling in for the main actor who could not make it to a reading.  Corey had done such a phenomenal job that we had no choice, but to give the role to Corey, who has done an amazing job.

3. How long did it take to write each episode? 

About three weeks per episode.  It depends on how well the writing teams gels.  Sometimes an episode can get cranked out in a week and half.

4. How did the internet play a part in what you are doing?  

A huge part. Had it not been for the internet I would have never had met you. We used many sources of social media from YouTube to Twitter to get the word out about our show and through that we connected with ROKU who plans streaming the first season of All About Lizzie.

5. Do you think streaming/VOD has changed the face of Television and movies itself?

Absolutely!  Many audiences have out grown predictable network television and reality TV has leveled out a bit.  Cable TV for many Americans is just too expensive.  Most of the cast on All About Lizzie are streaming over cable TV.  Which is very logical given that you can stream 10.00 a month versus 100.00 a month for cable television. Netflix out grossed HBO last year and will probably will gross higher numbers this year.  It would seem that streaming is the next evolution in film and television.

6. Is it harder to get shows up and running these days?

With so many cable channels popping up and the emergence of streaming getting shows up are easier.  Ten years ago I would say two-thirds of the TV shows we see today would not have gotten on the small screens.  Having said that, the competition is much harder these days. There are a lot of talented people that are now getting opportunities to show-case their talent.  The viewers have also become a lot smarter as well.
7. What do you hope people will get out of the series?

Tolerance for alternative lifestyles, but also I hope my will have fun watching the show.  We are hoping to change the way television is view by audiences. We want to redefine expectations for film.

8. What were challenges faced when getting the show together?

The biggest one was financing.  Two of my investors pulled out right before the filming.  I had to sell my car and several family heirlooms I also had to cash out my 401k program to make up for the lost financing.  Working with a limited crew do to lack of financing.  There are people I will be indebted to for the rest of my career, that really step up to the plate.  Another would be confidence. This being the first major project I worked on I found myself hoping that the talent and crew would believe in me and see me for my lack of experience.

9. What are you working on next?

I have several projects that I am working on each one quite different from the All About Lizzie experience.  One being a documentary on veterans.

Daniel Ray


Daniel Ray is a talented hip hop artist from Perth doing things, this what he had to say.

1. For someone unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe the Daniel Ray sound?

The Daniel Ray sound is basically rock infused hip hop that connects to listeners on more of an emotional level. All songs are written based on personal life experiences and involve situations a lot of others have also been through.

2. Tell us a little bit about your writing process. A peek inside the inner workings of the band if you will?

I write music to revisit the same stages of my life that I’d before spent forever trying to forget. Moments that had an impact in a way I didn’t feel strong enough to deal with at the time, so it’s been kinda therapeutic for me going through them while writing The Balance. I would say I write most of my songs while being out walking the streets, using both my voice recorder app and notepad on my Iphone for melodies and other ideas. I work alongside Andrew Wright at Golddust Construction Studio in Leederville while creating new instrumentals, having guest musicians join us for various tracks along the way. For live shows I perform with a fantastic 5 piece backing band, playing what we call the ‘live version’ of each song, which are basically the original tracks only with slight changes that bring extra entertainment to the set.

3. As far as breakout success is concerned, is it all about the strength of a song or does being in the right musical climate at right time make all the difference?

I think it can be either or even both, depending on what an artist is looking at achieving. To me music is an art before it’s a product and therefore I’ve never wanted to create music that fits in with what’s currently in fashion in order to breakout, but in saying that I think marketing and management play major roles in an artist’s success.

4. How important is social media to you in regards to engaging with an audience?

Social media plays a huge role for me, connecting with new listeners and keeping in touch with current fans has never been easier. Regular posts keep viewers up to date on my progress, especially at times when I’m so snowed under that I just don’t get the time I’d like to sit and chat or hang out.

5. What inspired you to take music more seriously?

Becoming a professional artist has been a dream of mine since my early teenage years. I recorded an ep when I was 16 but wasnt quite sure where to go from there. Since then I’ve done a lot of growing up and I’ve been through all of the things I write about today. From the moment I recorded the song ‘You Know’ for my album ‘The Balance’, I felt like I’d gained the inspirational kick I needed to start pushing again with a hunger to make that dream reality.

6. What’s spinning on your playlist atm? Any guilty pleasures?

Lately I’ve been listening to the Arctic Monkeys new album, hip hop artists Nas, Rakim & Onyx, and R&B artists Joe, Usher & The Dream.

7. Are you a fan of keeping the album format alive or do you think there’s more benefit to release singles or EPs with the influence of streaming platforms arguably shortening attention spans?

I’ve spent the last two years writing an album that tells a story from start to finish about a difficult stage in my life. It begins right in the middle of a breakup and gradually builds to a positive and inspiring ending. So making an album has definitely always been my goal and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of putting something like that together. But I do enjoy listening to other artists EPs.

8. When not consumed with all things musical, what do you do tune out or reset?

I use that time to catch up with friends, support other local events, and spend time with my fiancé.

9. Your new album ‘The Balance’ is doing the rounds now, what does the immediate future hold?

The next few months for me are about reaching out to new people and just focusing on getting my music heard. We’re looking at touring Australia soon as well.

10. Lastly, Prince or Michael Jackson?

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and to this day he is still my favourite artist and entertainer of all time.

Debut album ‘The Balance’ out now via Firestarter Distribution

Amy Schafnitz


Photos by A & J Photography

Amy Schafnitz is an actor who is a one to watch. With a few things behind her it won’t take long before people will want to work with this talented beautiful lady so read on.


1. How are you finding acting?

Acting has been great, I’m really loving it! I never anticipated that I’d be starting a true career in acting, especially not in my late 20’s, but its a new and fun world and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

2. What buzz do you get out of it?

Learning that I’ve been asked to come in for an audition is an automatic high. Its so fun to get the sides (the script) and start learning a new part, then to go in front of the casting directors and show them what I can do. Even if I don’t get the part, the whole audition process is very exciting to me.

3. Are you happy with what you have done so far with it?

Yes I am! Considering I have been doing this for less than six months, I already have at least 1 audition a week (which, I’ve been told is very good for those just starting out) and feel like my acting skills have improved quite a bit.

4. How do you prepare for a role?

I memorize the script and then go over lines with my husband for 1-2 days before the audition. For me, practice is everything!

5. How do you memorize lines?

Well first I start by memorizing what the storyline or theme of the script is. I read it over and over again until I am able to improve the lines if I had to, then I start memorizing by diving the text up into smaller parts. And again, I make sure to get in lots of practice!

6. Is there a role you wouldn’t want to play?

I am open to most everything except roles that would require nudity or sex scenes. I want to be viewed as a professional, not just someone that would do anything for a paycheck. I also don’t want to set myself up to be typecast for only those types of roles.

7. What does the rest of 2014 have in store for you?

I feel like the rest of 2014 is going to be pretty unpredictable, so its hard for me to answer that question. I’m just taking things day by day, but hopefully lots of success in my career is in store!

8. What have you seen recently that has inspired you?

The movie “Jersey Boys” that came out recently. I’m a huge fan of both the movie and the musical, but watching the movie inspired me so much to one day land a role in a movie like that one, where I might be able to do some singing and dancing.

9. What would we find you listening to at the moment?

I can’t stop listening to throw-backs from my high school days! I have no idea where this came from, but all my favorite tunes from the early 2000’s is what I’m most interested in lately.

10. If you could be in any video clip who’s would it be?

Gavin DeGraw! I’ve been a big fan of his for about 10 years now and I love all his music videos.


Karen Waldrup


Karen Waldrup is a talented singer songwriter who music I love a lot, I’ve been listening to her stuff for a few years now and think her music is amazing. With a new song on the way next month Karen is going from strength to strength and this is why this talented beautiful lady is my beauty of the week. Just look at her she ain’t she beautiful.







Draw are a rad band from Aussie with some cool tunes so read on


1. What does playing live mean to you?

It means many things. It’s like a laboratory to experiment on mostly willing test subjects. Also I imagine it’s what it would be like to walk a high beam with spectators hoping you don’t fall, but secretly wishing you do for the horror. Maybe that’s my own feelings and insecurities… It’s starting to feel like a tribal campfire where friends travelling on different paths come together to share music, liquid and other mind altering substances.

2. Do you think it’s all about the songwriting or does timing and the right place at the right time has a key getting your music out there?

I think for a band like us it comes down to the songs. I feel what listeners are really after are great songs to sing, dance and generally find some part of themselves in it. We don’t have a mega media machine spraying the airwaves and billboards with us to a point of saturation which is very effective in connecting with listeners and turning them into fans.

3. How important to you are music blogs in helping get your music out there?

It means the world to us. There is so much music in the world right now and this is a great thing. That you choose to pay attention to us makes us feel like we are on to something and also because of you, hopefully other people will pay attention to us in amongst a sea of music.

4. What inspired you in the first place to give music a shot?

I started playing music in primary school and I was playing the saxophone, but it was one Sunday afternoon in Bundaberg when I was 16 watching “Year and a Half in the life of Metallica”. It is a sort of documentary about them recording the Black album and I knew when I was watching it that I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. Record great songs, work with talented people, and take that music as far as it can go.

5. Having tools like Soundcloud does it make your job easier when trying to gain new listeners to your music?

Soundcloud is a fantastic platform. We tested all our demos on it with everyone we could send it to, to get feedback and work towards a better sound and dynamic in the band. It is so easy for people to access it so it makes that process easier. Our single is on Soundcloud now for people to listen to.

6. Do you think releasing EP’s and singles is a good way of keep momentum going before releasing a full length or spending time out of the spotlight writing songs is better?

Yeah, definitely, A good album is a very costly venture – money and time wise. Doing this EP and single has allowed us to see where we are at and that now has influenced where we are going in the future.

7. How does a song happen for you?

It usually starts with a person with some fascinating quality. They could be from a book, interview, movie or TV show. In fact, AMC , the cable channel, is usually the place I find them. Then I think about the sort of music that would be playing around them. What they are feeling influences things like tempo, key and rhythm. Then I’ll go through my favourite albums and get ideas for textures and arrangements, put that together, get a critique from the band and then we start tinkering with it until it sounds like Draw.

8. Are there moments where your just not in the mood for writing music and need to do something else before you jump back into songwriting mode?

Yeah sure, but I would say on any given day I mostly think about writing songs. It is a bit obsessive. Whether I am trying to reverse engineer a song I love in my head or working out what I really love about a lyric or a melody. But I have found a quick holiday refreshes the fleshy music machine

9. Do you think YouTube has help save the music industry?

I did think that but since their new move involving deals with musicians and monetizing their songs on Youtube I think they’ve kind of ruined the party. I feel it is in order for them to eclipse the other music platforms out there. I get they are business but Google has enough money, and putting constraints on what musicians can do on there in order to make a living is just a greedy move.

10. Do you think being serious with your music at a young age has helped you?

Yes, I think to some extent it has helped but it is my friends and family that help me the most. They support me so much but also are brutally honest with what they think and feel and having their support and feedback has challenged me to get better as a singer and writer. Knowing they will be there no matter what alleviates some of the anxiety of what lies ahead.

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