• July 14, 2020

Living as a Vessel ​by Destiny Marie Love Book Review

Destiny Love is one of those people that knows how to write a book, engage an audience with what she says and speaks about. Her book Living as a Vessel is an engaging read that is really inspirational for empowering you that give you the practical tools to do so. Destiny has a way with words, the way she writes engages you as a reader. The books 200 pages long and are laid out nicely and clear for you the reader to learn from what she is writing. I’m not much of a reviewer but I am inspired by what she does and her positivity and the way she conducts herself is truly inspirational. The introduction of the book gives you how she became to where she is now and this is amazing what she has come through to where she is now is amazing. We need more people like Destiny who inspire positivity in this day and age. I urge you to check out her book, it’s inspiring, she breathes positivity. It’s well written, thoughtful, engaging and gives you the tools to get inspired.

You can get her book here. It’s available in hard copy, ebook and also listenable form. I will continue to support Destiny always in what she does.

Photo used with permission from Destiny


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