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Parx-e hits Sydney and chats to Canadian musician Youngblood. I chat to Alexis and boy she was a lot of fun to chat to. Plus seeing them live wow even better. Alexa Borden and Tasha from Smoking Martha have a few words to say about Parx-e turning 15 years old.

Songs Used

by Georgia Mae

The Next Step
by Jo Kathleen Marie

Soda Man

Connecting With You
by Destiny Love

All used with permission

Parx-e Intro Music

Intro Silk I
Licensed from
Lino Rise Media

Stock footage of Sydney

Sydney CBD
by MusicOcean

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Colorful Lights 1
by RenC_films

Licensed from Videohive

Thank you to Destiny Love & Michelle Ellen Jones for doing voice overs for me
Thanks to
Gareth Long
Alexa Borden
Smoking Martha

Everything music and video wise that isn’t shot by me is either been given permission or I have licensed to use it here.

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