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Well lot’s happening at Parx-e HQ, still getting loads and loads of interviews which is fun. But I’ve been asked to speak this Wednesday at an open mic night here in Melbourne about what I do which is cool.  Plus I’ll be on my friend radio show on Tuesday night who also runs the open mic night which is cool, So I’ll be playing songs off Parx-e Volume 4, still available to get a copy from this site, Yay.

But my best of list will be coming out in a few months and I have made some one my person to watch out for in 2016. Somebody who I think is gonna go very far and I think this person is the complete package and for those that know me well, I have gone with somebody who has never been it before and some one I’ve only started giving publicity just recently.

Still looking at doing Parx-e Volume 5, I have the artwork and all sorted. But we will see.  Oh I’m also using periscope and you can see what I get up to, music and all things Parx-e

It’s still lot’s of fun doing Parx-e and will keep doing it.  So just keep reading on folks.


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