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Vaudeville Smash – Dancing For The Girl (Self Released)


Melbourne’s Vaudeville Smash debut album Dancing For The Girl is a long time coming and after two ep’s it finally arrived and boy what a release it is. Well produced, performed and to me one of the coolest and best releases of the year. To me its 80’s/70’s inspired music with funk/soul influences in the mix. The synth gives a good indication of that. It opens with Ghouls, which shows off the musicianship, songwriting of the band. It sets the album off on the right note. Don’t Say A Word is a real 80’s inspired song. The use of synth, vocals and musicianship and written. It’s a kind of catchy ballad. The title track Dancing For The Girl is one of my picks off the album and is my favorite song off the album. Its heaven to the ears, well written, sung and perforned. It’s just a catchy tune that shows off why the band is so amazing. Diamonds has use of the piano to open the song. It shows off that band can mix it up a little. I Got The Feeling is another song that delivers with good musicianship and vocals. Honeymoon reminds me of a british 70’s rock song with the use of piano, and me like it. Songs like Devil Said, Best Night & Look At Me show off why I loved the band in the first place with catchy well written tunes that are well performed and sung that make you just wanna get up in dance. They are also picks off mine off the album. Got You On Mind is another pick off the album, it’s a 80’s inspired ballad. Mark vocals are on fire, the use of the synth is just used so well here. Sailor Moon is another catchy tune, well written performed and use of the synth works well here. The same goes for Strangest Dream, mark vocals shine here. Time is like a 80’s ballad that is catchy and shows off why they are so good. This is such a good release, its an album that you want to crank at your next party and get everybody in a good mood and dancing, It’s just has that affect, you will be singing and humming away in no time. These guys have delivered one of the best Aussie albums of the year.

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