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Tully On Tully Live @ The Toff In Town 25/4/2015

Tully On Tully played a cracker set on Saturday night and the room sounded fantastic, The soundie did an excellent job of mixing the room. The band was really on fire, I really loved the new songs they had performed, and they were energetic and live. The slow ballady type tunes really got to show off the song writing, lyrics and vocals of Natalie Foster that really shined. They are good band, and with the new stuff they performed, it’s only going to get better for them. The crowd really went nuts for Stay. The song about going to sleep just won me over. All These Words is a song rip to be cranked and played over and over again, it’s a song that really grabbed you in their set. The musicianship on the night was first rate, the band really delivered a solid set that if you just saw them for the first time you would be blown away. Tully On Tully are band that are going to go places and if they keep delivering performances like they did on Saturday, they are going do it.

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