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This is something I was happy to plug as I am a fan of Contante & Sonante as I have a number of their releases. Plus anything that feature the late Warren Wiebe who is one of my favorite male vocalists. I have heard the album and it is incredible. Their are less than 20 copies left so it’s time you get yours now

Contante & Sonante proudly presents Walkin’ On Air, the debut
solo album from Tomi Malm. The renowned Spanish independent music label invites
worldwide music lovers to enjoy another exciting chapter in its string of quality music

Tomi Malm hails from Finland and has been a respected figure for the past twenty-plus
years on the North-European music scene. Malm works as a composer, arranger,
orchestrator and producer on a multitude of successful records, TV themes and multimedia
scores. In 2009, Malm rose to international attention with the now-classic release of Fly
Away: The Songs Of David Foster, also on the Contante & Sonante label. Malm arranged and
produced a number of David Foster’s classics on Fly Away. Malm showed such creativity
and freshness on these recordings that he gained high praise and blessings from “The
Hitman” David Foster himself. That project took the West Coast/quality pop music scene by
storm, and in the past few years it has become a landmark for musicians and fans of the
genre on every corner of the planet.

Today, Tomi Malm returns with Walkin’ On Air, his debut solo album, another stunning ride
on pop music’s most elegant grooves. On this collection of winning tracks, the Finnish
wizard wrote or co-wrote all but two of the songs. The track list presents a variety of styles,
from jazz-infused pop gems to refined ballads, smooth funky jams and pristine fusion
instrumentals. Malm’s inventive arrangements and top-notch production is brought to life
thanks to the usual ace session roster that includes legends like Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting,
Zappa, Herbie Hancock), John “JR” Robinson (Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Quincy
Jones) and Simon Phillips (Toto, The Corrs, Peter Gabriel) on drums, Dan Warner
(Madonna, Timbaland, Barry Gibb) and James Harrah (Aaron Neville, Herbie Hancock, Chris

Botti) on guitars, Neil Stubenhaus (Roberta Flack, Joe Cocker, Michael McDonald) and Alex
Al (Michael Jackson, Al Jarreau, George Duke) on bass, Robbie Buchanan (Whitney Houston,
Barbra Streisand, Chaka Khan) on keyboards plus Luis Conte (James Taylor, Phil Collins,
Eric Clapton) on percussion. The horn department is also stellar, with aces like Eric
Marienthal (Chick Corea, Barbra Streisand, Elton John) and Brandon Fields (Tower of
Power, The Rippingtons, George Benson) on sax, and a guest appearance from the smoking
Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns.

From the first track, an evocative instrumental called “Kuwakaribisha,” listeners will be
enraptured by a musical world of astounding beauty. All the compositions are spectacular,
but we’d like to mention in particular the title track; a jazzy mid-tempo composition
featuring former Chicago singer Jason Scheff on vocals and bass. “Walking On Air” seems
destined to become a classic in West Coast/Pop circles thanks to epic performances by
Colaiuta and Marienthal. Another stand-out track is “Favor,” with vocals courtesy of the
insanely talented Frank Adahl. “Favor” has echoes of the best Phil Collins’ work of the
eighties with stunning horn arrangements and a fantastic groove provided by Simon
Phillips on drums.

Malm shows his genius on a series of ballads that range in style from jazzy to pop and AOR.

“Show Me A Sign” is written by Hank Easton and features a heart-wrenching performance
by the late Warren Wiebe (July 18, 1953 to October 25, 1998). Malm built the instrumental
track around Wiebe’s vocals and the result is a killer ballad with a strong, pulsating feeling.
The ultra-talented ZoSia from Poland joins Wiebe and their mingling voices are pure ear

Another highlight is “Perfect Imperfection” sung by Jeff Pescetto. Malm, on this smooth,
soul/pop ballad, exposes his inner Burt Bacharach to create a magical tune that could
easily belong in the legendary composer’s songbook. “You Belong To Me” is another
spectacular track which offers an outstanding vocal performance, this time by Grammy
Award-Winner Clif Magness. Fans of Magness/Planet 3’s work will find echoes of it in this
beautiful arrangement which flows amazingly with a great, driving guitar work courtesy of
Dan Warner.

“Reason To Smile” is an unreleased gem written by the amazing Jeremy Lubbock (Michael
Jackson, Quincy Jones, Barbra Streisand). Malm treated this rarefied melody with respect
and the result is a work of art: a delicate, jazz-infused track sung by Julian Thomas backed
up by just a Rhodes played by Eirik Berge, with Malm on keyboards. The grace and allure of
“Reason To Smile” proudly stands alongside previous Lubbock masterpieces including “Not
Like This”, written for Al Jarreau, and “Goodbye Love”, sung by The Manhattan Transfer.

On “Wouldn’t It Be Kinder”, we are presented with another emotional and intimate
arrangement, featuring profound lyrics by Cecily Gardner. This amazing ballad showcases a
stellar vocal performance by Shem Von Schroeck, Kenny Loggins’ longtime
collaborator/musical director and current bassist for the legendary group Toto, enhanced
by the superior guitar work of session great James Harrah.

Finally, let’s mention a few other goodies on Walkin’ On Air. The haunting instrumental
titled “Still Life” is quite close to Pat Metheny’s territory with its cinematic power. The
soulful mid-tempo titled “Let’s Get To It” is co-written and sung by the extraordinary Jerry
Lopez, leader of the famed Santa Fe & Fat City Horns. This light-funk jam is a catchy and
exciting number in the best tradition of soul giants Earth, Wind & Fire.

Fasten your seatbelt while you get lost in Tomi Malm’s spectacular world of music. You
won’t regret it. They simply don’t make ’em like this anymore!

* Tomi Malm’s Walkin’ On Air will be available as physical CD and digital download starting
October 15, 2017. Pre-orders to be announced via Contante & Sonante’s website and social
media pages.


01. “Kuwakaribisha” (Tomi Malm)
02. “Favor” Featuring Frank Adahl (Tomi Malm / Frank Adahl)
03. “When You’re Gone” Featuring Julian Thomas (Tomi Malm / Cecily Gardner)
04. “Walkin’ On Air” Featuring Jason Scheff (Tomi Malm / Jackie Kavan)
05. “Show Me A Sign” Featuring Warren Wiebe & ZoSia (Hank Easton)
06. “Perfect Imperfection” Featuring Jeff Pescetto (Tomi Malm / Jackie Kavan)
07. “Still Life” (Tomi Malm)
08. “Wouldn’t It Be Kinder” Featuring Shem (Tomi Malm / Cecily Gardner)
09. “Let’s Get To It” Featuring Jerry Lopez (Tomi Malm / Jerry Lopez)
10. “A Reason To Smile” Featuring Julian Thomas (Jeremy Lubbock)
11. “You Belong To Me” Featuring Clif Magness (Tomi Malm / Jeri Lynne)
12. “Today” (Tomi Malm / Jyrki Manninen)

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