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The Underwater

The Underwater
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Interview With Dan Thomas from The Underwater By

The Underwater are one awesome rock band.
Their music is awesome and we wanted to know more.

1. How did the band form?

matt and i started the band in the fall of 2001 after being
in a hardcore band called boywunder. i was the bass player
and matt was one of the guitar players. we had each been in
several bands by this point and just wanted to start
something fresh that would give us the best shot at writing
music for a living.

2. What bands were your influnces when growing

i don’t know quite where to draw the line here bc i’m far
from grown up, but the first band that i really got hooked
on was Alice in Chains. they were the first band that
seemed to communicate with me on a deeper level musically
and emotionally. matt and i also listened to helmet, zao,
third eye blind, tonic, filter, soundgarden, the cure, the
deftones, boy sets fire…lots of stuff.

3. What has the responce been like to the

the response to Bleed Me Blue has been really good. the
reviews have been kind, the songs have opened alot of
doors, and the cd has enabled to us tour europe more than
once. we are really anxious to release something more
mature at this point but Bleed Me Blue has definately
helped us out alot.

4. What bands have you enjoyed playing with the

well our tour in 2002 was great. zao, underoath, unearth
and dead poetic are still really good friends of ours and
they have all come a long way since the tour. we played
with nickelback and supergrass in switzerland last summer
and that was just cool on so many levels. we played with
collective soul here in harrisburg a couple months ago and
they were great guys. i guess those were my

5. What album is usually played on the tour


6. Any chance of coming down under to play?

send us tickets and we’re there. australia is not on our
list of places to avoid

7. What is your view on file sharing and the mp3

it helps out small artists. it hurts successful ones. but
when it comes down to it, do i download mp3s? i plead the

8. Any one you would really like to tour with?

out of anyone? the used, ours, muse, u2,
audioslave…pretty much any band we think we could learn
from and would enjoy watching every night

9. Have you had much responce from overseas?

we’ve been all over western europe and the people that came
out to see us and the radiostations that play us have been
really positive and supportive. we also occasionally hear
from other places throughout the world (like you all) and
most of them just want to know what we’re all about, when
something new is coming out, and for us to play there

10. What would we find on your stereo at the

kevin max- between the fence and the universe
random g-unit tracks
zao- the funeral of God
norma jean- O’ God, the Aftermath
ours- precious
vast- music for people
t.i.- urban legend
queens of the stoneage- rated r

11. realty tv? good or bad?

depends. i’m not really athletic or anything so don’t like
road rules or survivor or anything like that. but i love to
watch shows like celebrity fit club, the surreal life, the
simple life, strangelove, the real world (when the cast
isn’t boring as hell)- the dramatic type of reality

12. What movies have you enjoyed recently?

saw, cold mountain, monster, aliens resurrection, 21 grams,
punch drunk love

13. What are your favourite movies?

a clockwork orange, the story of us, wet hot american
summer, back to the future trilogy, good will hunting, sexy
beast, the talented mr. ripley, fight club, seven, harvard
man, the game, house of sand and fog, the firm…

14. If the underwater were on The Simpsons where would
they be playing?

i would imagine either at moe’s or by that lemon tree so
the shelbyville kids could come see us play too

Thanks for your time any last words

i just quit smoking. it’s much easier to start then to
stop. my advice? don’t start. thanks so much…dan<

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