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The So And So’s

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Interview With Megan Toohey from The So And So’s By

The So And So’s are a great alternative rock band.
But sadly split up but Megan & Rodrigo are still
keeping the name going strong
Their album is one piece of good alternative rock
The So And So’s

1. How has the response been to the last

everyone that has the record really seems to love it.
because we didn’t have the help of an agent or a label, we
never had a chance to push it in many places outside of the
new england area. we did win an “local album of the year”
at the boston music awards, but it still seemed to fall
under the radar for some reason or another.

2. How did you go about making the album?

it was done on a super low budget, mainly working with
friends of ours that had access to various recording
studios. we had three engineers- each had a few songs to
work with. it was interesting piecing it all together
trying to make a cohesive sounding album. some of the tunes
we recorded in top notch places, others in a studio that
had it’s bathroom as the “vocal booth”. victor van vugt
came to know us though my old manager who handed him a disc
at a bar. he just really liked my songs and was incredibly
generous with his time. brian brown is a talented local
engineer, who i had known though the music scene. jay
hooked us up with jon d’uva, a friend from NYC that is an
up and coming producer/engineer. on top of these wonderful
guys, mark einstmenn did a hell of a job mastering. he made
it all work.

3. Have you had much response from labels?

ha. we were wined and dined a few times, but we never got
past the free meal at the end of the day.

4. Has it been different since the last album?

well, considering the band broke up recently, yes. it was a
rough road at times, putting in a ton of work and feeling
like you are totally broke and spinning your wheels. we got
pretty burnt out, especially since we had been courted by
several labels and nothing came of it. we also we’re
supposed to tour with patti smith, but we were taken for a
ride by a french promoter and lost a chunk of money. there
was a lot heavy stress and creative differences, plenty of
banter for your next rock and roll documentary. the band
was very special though. i listen to recordings of us live
that were made at the end and really miss the music we were
making. rodrigo (bass) and i continue to play together and
write. i’m heading to los angeles to continue making music
and writing, and i’m sure even though we’ll be on different
coasts we will always be coming up with new ideas.

5. Is it hard to be an indepedent artist in

i think so. it’s hard because you have to work a full time
job to be able to eat and sleep. then you have to also run
your own business essentially. between booking shows,
running your websites, entering contests, playing gigs,
keeping books, rehearsals, printing flyers, promoting
shows, etc… there is always so much to do, and so little
money and time to do it with. i think a lot of the people
that are successful here either work and tour constantly
and are content to live in there car most of the year, or
they are independently wealthy.

6. Who would you most like to record a song

i would love to work with dave friedman or daniel
lanois…mitchell froom, bjork!!! there are so many people
i admire. i would love to work with victor again in a
proper studio.

7. Who has helped you out the most?

i think we were a really self-reliant band. everyone had
roles, and for the most part we handled them skillfully. i
just think that it’s a rough business, and for a band that
doesn’t really fit into a specific genre or is outwardly
kitschy it’s tricky to get someone to take a chance on you.
granted, all of the guys that worked on give me drama
played a big role in giving the band structure and a
direction to aim in.

8. What has been your favorite gig you have

it’s strange to say, but sometimes the shit gigs are the
most fun. the ones were you are in a strange town at a
crappy bar surrounded with locals that are just so excited
that you’ve come to the middle of no where to play for
them. they have no idea who you are, but by the end of the
night, you know you’ve made a fan for life. personally i
had a blast touring with the saw doctors (solo). they are
the greatest group of guys and they have the best

9. How did you get into music in the first

i come from a fairly musical family and took up piano and
violin at an early age. but it was really when i started
playing guitar at 10 years old that i knew what i wanted to
do for a living.

10. What’s your view on filesharing and the MP3

i’m all for it. i wish there was some way to make some
money (esp for indie artists, but there is such a trade of
for getting your music out there. i like to think that it
gets back to the creator somehow.

11. Do you think the Internet has helped you in getting
your music out there?

sure. we get hits from around the world on our website. i
have no idea how that works, but i’m delighted that it
happens. i think the new “” craze is great for
getting heard. i don’t know if it’s big in europe as

12. What is your view on realty tv and more importantly
the talent shows like Idol and so on?

i’m so bored with them. i know so many people that can sing
circles around every contestant, that write their own music
and are so inventive and are never heard. it kind of
cheapens the whole thing for me. but then again that’s
what’s hot. i think it’s a shame. but a guilty pleasure is
kelly clarkson’s new song. i have to roll up my car windows
when it’s on so no one will hear.

13. If you could play on The Simpsons where would it

i would do anything on the simpsons. now THAT’s quality

14. Have you much interest from overseas

not as much as we had hoped for.

15. What are some of your favourite movies?

rodrigo is the big movie buff…i like documentaries, but i
usually miss everything i want to see at the theatre. i
rent a lot of TV series on DVD. six feet under is my

16. What movies have you seen recently that you really

this is not so recent, but eternal sunshine is too good

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