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The Fragments

Jeffery From The Fragments Answers My Questions

1. How did the fragments form?

I moved to Green Bay, WI. Usa in fall of ’99. I didn’t know anyone.
I saw a poster up for a show at Andy’s house and his email address was on it.
I emailed him basically, “I just moved here and I know no one.
Are you cool?” We hung out a few times.
He found out I played guitar and I found out he played bass.
He told me about his friend who was going to move in
with him who played drums, that was Eric. Neither Eric or Andy had jobs and
I didn’t have a work visa yet, so neither did I. It gave us a bunch of time
to get together and just write stuff. We started practicing for real in
January of 2000, and played our first show that following June. It has been
this line up since.

Who have been your major influences?

I am sure all three of us would answer this question completely
different. I like a lot of poppy stuff which Andy & Eric could care less
All three of us have favorites that the other probably hates.

The influences that we all share are probably reflected by the covers we play :
The Ramones, Husker Du, Naked Raygun, The Lemonheads, The Descendents and The
Replacements. We all seem to have a fond place in our hearts for early 80’s
punk and hardcore (even thou are music probably doesn’t show it). I think
since we all dig different bands that we don’t really wear our influences on
our sleeves. I could be wrong thou. I don’t know.

3. What has been your favourite gig you have played so far?

This really lame battle of the bands thing that we didn’t care if we
won or lost. we only played it cause it was at Andy’s former highschool. We
played about 3 songs through this shitty rental equipment that all the bands
had to share, regardless if you brought your own amps. It was really stupid
and after about three songs i just threw my guitar on the floor and Eric
walked off stage. Our friend Tabman told jokes for the remaining time we had
to “woo” the crowd. All in all it was fun just cause none of us really
wanted to win or anything, just wanted to play at a school. The best part
was we won second place because of some friends in the crowd (and we actually
made $50 for not even playing really). It was stupid, fuck battle’s of the
band’s they are silly.

4. If you could have a 3 band bill who would the bands be?

Waxwing, Bruce Springsteen circa ’74 and Billy Bragg circa ’88.

5. What are you listening to at the moment?

An amazing band from Canada, called “The Failure” I got it last
March and I listen to it at least once a week, and I rarely get a chance to
listen to music so that is pretty good in my house.

6. Will your solo album be released in aussie or will have to order it from
the usa?

Well, it will be released in stores in Canada, Usa and Holland. I
would like to dream it will be in Australia but I can’t guarantee that.
Worse comes to worse you can order it online @ Meter Records

7. If you could play on any cartoon show what would it be?

aqua teen hunger force. if you haven’t seen it go to athf

and/or adultswim it is genius.

8. What bands do you like playing with?

There are a ton of great bands around here;Yesterday’s Kids, Modern
Machines, Motorcycle prom dates, Glacier, The Apologetics, IfIHadAhifi.
There are too many to mention really. The scene is really tight knit. It is
pretty cool.

Thanks for your time any last words

I am not sure if the fragments cd is available in Australia

I know you can get it @ New Disorder

Their Website

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