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Susy Blue


Susy Blue is a talented Melbourne singer songwriter doing good stuff, I love what she does as an artist and thought an interview was a must. So read on and find out what she has to say.

1. Are you happy with the response to the new song and the clip?
Sure! It has been played on Triple J and ABC and community radio which makes me happy! The producer
(Shane O’Mara) keeps saying it has to go on an ipod ad or something! I’m super happy with how the clip turned
out, it has been a pipe dream for myself and artist Belinda Suzette for quite awhile. We didn’t have much time to do it, and Belinda was pretty pregnant, but she got animator Rebecca Hayes on board and the rest is history! I love it, and think they’ve done a swell job, so don’t even care about the response to it!

2. What was the inspiration behind the song?
I was doing FAWM (February album writing month) an internet forum where you write/upload a demo of a new song every 2 days in February. So I was churning songs out, not caring too much as I thought it would just be a demo and nothing more. I was writing in my garden and there were all these dandelions floating in the air. I think one landed on some dog bowl near the pond. I’ve always blown on them and made a wish, so to have so many floating through the beautiful summery air made me feel happy and hopeful.

3. How is the recording process for the new album different from the old one?
This is with Shane O’Mara as producer, our last album was self-produced. I think it’s made a huge difference
and it’s been a good lesson to learn – get a producer (provided that they’re great and you trust their taste)

4. What has been the highlight so far?
Smashing about 40 glasses op-shop glasses into a wheely bin to get glass-smash samples for ‘Fell From A Wall.’

5. Do you think the Internet has made it harder for bands to stand out?
Probably a bit of both, it’s definitely helped and is a lot easier to connect with other bands and audiences. Adversely
it’s absolutely saturated, not to mention allowing people not to pay for music.

6. Do you think streaming services help or not?
I don’t really know much about streaming to be honest!

7. Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Andrew Bird

8. What inspires you when writing songs?
I love experimenting with melody, harmony and form. I do find lyrics hard at least
having an idea of what the song will be about is important for me.

9. If you do a duet with anybody who would it be?
I’ll go with Andrew Bird again. I will toss out St Vincent and take over 🙂

10. What would be find on your stereo at the moment?
Just checked – Billie Holiday, Tori Amos (having a revival) Rubblebucket, the Soul Stirrers and the Disney Cinderella soundtrack 🙂

11. What does 2013 mean for the band?
Recording and releasing!

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