• August 22, 2019

Student Rick Interview

Student Rick

Adam From Student Answers My Questions

1. how did student rick form?

Brett, and Me met in High School and get together with a few guys that we knew and formed S*R,
things didnt work out with them and we met up with Jason, and Zach.
Jason didnt work out so we are having a fill in play right now with us until we find someone.

2. what has been your favourite gig?

Probably our CD release show in our home town South Bend, because there were so many kids there supporting us. It was just a good vibe.

3. who are your influnces ?

My influneces change a lot, but right now they are Beatles, Queen, Quicksand.

4. what up and coming bands should people look out for?
The Reunion Show

5. what was your favourite cartoon when you were a kid?

G.I Joe of course!

6. if you were cartoon character who would it be?

My girlfriend always says Spider-Man because I am always climbing walls and scaling things really fast like.

7. what are your favourite bands to play with?

Reunion Show, Taking Back Sunday, Benjamins (RIP)

8. what is your beer of choice if you drink?

Corona, or black and tan (Guiness, and Bass)

9. do you know much about new zealand and it music that we have?

Not really. I would like to know though? Send me music from there…I am sure it Rocks!

10. when will the next album be released?

Well we have discussed putting it out next Spring,
but saying and doing are two very different things in the entertainment business. Thanks!


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