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Stacy Clark – Symmetry (Harbor Recordings/One Small Instrument)

Stacy Clark new album Symmetry is a first rate electric pop album that delivers with solid tunes, production that will make you wanna listen time and time again. One of the most exciting albums to be released in a long time. The opening track Figure It Out opens with a catchy tune that will gets you moving and singing at the same time. It’s the perfect way to open the album. I’ve Waited For You follows suit with a well written catchy electro pop tune that gets you going. Stop is another energetic number that is well crafted and written, has good lyrics and vocals are solid. Make A Move featuring Tom Higgins is a well written tune love the use of the keys in this track and the use of Tom Higgins is a good touch. In My Head is a little more laid back and the use of electric guitar works with the song, it has a kind of a rock pop edge to the tune. Good lyrics and production. Days Into Nights is a real electro song mixed with a dash of rock pop vibe, they way the song is structured and performed. Love the use of the electric guitar Signs like the first three songs would be one pick off my album it’s just the perfect song, well written, performed, the use of the guitar through out the track just adds to the song. Decimals and Music Notes is a pop tune that I could easily hear on radio likes several these tunes, the lyrics and vocals just work, and production is solid. Lose My Mind has a good use of the acoustic guitar is somewhat like the balladeer track off the album the way the song is structured and performed. The lyrics are good as is the vocals. Holiday is a cute tune with the use of the horns have kind of folksy pop vibe you know those kinds of tunes adds something different to the album and it is a good touch. Everything’s Changing has a folk vibe to the song. The use of the male vocals by Andrew McMahon and the lovely use of the piano is a winning touch and yes this is the true ballad off the album. Next Town has a kind of laid back vibe to the tune, the vocals shine as do the musicianship and production The guitar is a good touch. Proof has the same kind of sensibilities as the last track but a lot more upbeat. Breathe finishes off the album with a ballad folk number. Fantastic album by Stacy Clark so much love about this album and to keep discovering time and time again. This is one of the most exciting releases of the year. Get this into you now.


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