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Slim Jim Kane

Slim Jim Kane

Slim Jim Kane

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Interview with Slim Jim Kane By Chris 19/5/08

I first heard Slim Jim Kane last year at a gig another person who was interviewed on this site Lydia Phillips was playing at. I really dug his tunes and blend of pop folk and rock music.

So naturally an interview was a must so read on.

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1. How did you get into music?

1. I suppose the first band that I was obsessed with as an 11 year old was Madness, i did the funny dance and all that. But to be honest I was also doing the shakin stevens thing aswell at the time!
I picked up my old mans guitar and my uncles beatles songbook at 16 and pretty much became a semi-recluse for a year or two, thats what triggered the playing side of things for me.

2. What was your inspiration for picking up a guitar?

2. At that time the Smiths and Talking heads were my favorites. I tried to master Johnny Marr’s licks but soon settled into a strumming/singing routine that i guess i’m still doing to this day.

3. What has been your favorite gig to date?

3. My favorite gig was playing to a packed greyhound hotel in late ’06 with my previous band the Codebreakers. It was just one of those special nights when everything clicked.

4. How did you get involved with the SPAN program?

4. I saw a flyer and noticed that Mick from the Restless was taking it. Digging his music i thought he would be a good man to take advice from. I’m also a lot better at writing,performing and recording than I am at promoting so i thought this side of things needed a bit of a kick in the pants.

5. How has helped with your music career?

5. Its been great meeting other musos in my boat and actually sharing stories about our respective musical journeys. It was a small group and we became quite tight and supportive of one another.

6. What do you hope it will? (Should be achieve)

6. – *not sure what you mean her, what i hope to achieve?….
if so….
I hope it will help me to organize myself a bit better with regard to getting the right gigs, fan base etc. Also an important lesson was how to make a good go of your EP/Album launch.

7. Who would you most like to record a song with or do a gig with?

7. There are so many great talents in Melbs we’re spoilt for choice, but I do have a soft spot for great local melodic pop bands like the smallgoods, oh mercy and the treetops. Dreaming bigger i’d have to go for Paul Kelly.

8. Have you got any releases in the pipeline?

8. I have recorded about 27 songs at my home studio and i’m currently sifting through them with my producer Neil Kelly (anyone remember ‘le club foot?’) we’re looking to record a 12 track album that will hopefully be ready by early August.

9. What been the highlight of your music career so far?

9. I think having the great Chuck Jenkins from Ice cream hands calling my music ‘glorious’ would have to come close. Also being featured in Melbourne’s mx newspaper and winning Melodic management’s band comp would have to rate.

10. What inspires you when writing music?

10. I am inspired primarily by great melodies. I always start with Melody and then start filling in the words. So listening to or remembering great songs is usually my starting point.

11. What one thing you don’t like about the music industry?

11. just one thing?….. hehe…. probably that the idea of choosing music as a proper ‘career’ which is becoming the norm these days and which is slowly killing the idea of starting a band as a point of rebellion from everything else. This just dilutes the pool to a point where the musical landscape is becoming increasingly sanitized with too many musicians taking themselves far too seriously.

12. What next for Slim Jim Kane?

12. Well i want to make the best possible album i can make, polish up the set and then take it on the road, probably up the east coast in June/July and then hopefully my old stomping ground Scotland later in the year.

cheers Chris



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