• June 19, 2019

Skipping Girl Vinegar

Skipping Girl Vinegar

Skipping Girl Vinegar

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Interview with Mark Lang from Skipping Girl Vinegar By Chris 20/9/08

Skipping Girl Vinegar is the hottest independent band in Melbourne right now and their hype is deserved off it.

Their debut album Sift The Noise is the best Australian release of the year.

So I got to chat to Mark Lang the front man of the band about their music, the postal revolution and about our good mate Scott Thurling record label and Skipping Record label Popboomerang Records and lot’s more.

I have it available to download and listen as a podcast.

Skipping Website

Please note, the quality isn’t the best but you can most certainly hear the interview and please enjoy

Please contact me if you decide to use the interview somewhere as I took the time do the interview and would appreciate being credited.

Interview is in MP3 Format

Mark Lang from Skipping Girl Vinegar Interview 29MB


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