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It’s been a long time coming is The Parx-e Show but end of next week. The first episode will be up if all goes to plan. I’m happy how things have turned out for it. Got some great interviews, but future shows will be a lot shorter in length. A new compilation CD is in the works too, yep I ain’t stopping for nothing. The site will always be here for me. I am a one man operation,  I have 10 more interviews to go until 600 interviews. Not bad for a non cool, not hipster not writing for some cool website with cred. Nope I am me and me only.

So if I am  a little slack, it’s because of The Parx-e Show and many other things. But I dig what I do and are happy because of what I do. I enjoy doing it a real lot. Have made some amazing friends because of it.

So I ain’t going anywhere.


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