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Shirley Cosentino

Shirley Cosentino
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Interview With Shirley Cosentino By Chris

I’ll let you on a musicial secret I found.
Shirley Cosentino
She sings and plays modern R&B.
I don’t really listen to a lot of Modern R&B but
Shirley blew me away.
She has a fantastic voice and will go far.Mark my


1.How did you get into music?

I loved music my whole life. My parents introduced me to
many different types of music when I was young. I kinda
just fell in love. I just boldly stood up on stage when I
was much younger and sang at a family wedding. I just loved
the feeling being on stage and being able to share
something with everyone that meant too much to me. So it
basically all started from there.

2.What were your major influences?

My major influences were my parents, who told me I could do
anything I wanted to, just as long as I put my all behind
it. As well my high school vocal teacher Mr Palmai. He knew
what everyone was capable of, and just always pushed up to
the max. As well just like any other musician out there, I
have music influences as well. As a child I looked up to
Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Etta James…

3.If you could have a three band bill who would they

If I could pick anyone to fit the bill, it’d definitely be,
Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Brian McKnight.

4. What music do you class yourself as?

I don’t know what exactly to classify my music as. It’s a
little bit of soul and pop, but has and edge to it…So
something like Norah Jones meets Alicia Keys with a twist
of Ashlee Simpson.

5. Where do you think you will be in 10 years?

I don’t know where I’ll be in 10 years, but I would like to
think I will be the owner of my own record label, with a
number 1 album under my belt, touring the world.

6. Who would you most like to record a song

I would love to record something with Boys II Men. I just
think it would be an amazing experience and those boys have

7. What made you want to go out and play

I used to be very shy when I was younger. I never really
talked or did much. But when I tapped into music, it was my
outlet. It was my way of sharing myself with the rest of
the world. It was a way to connect with people. That’s why
I enjoyed getting my music out there.

8. What are your thoughts on file sharing and the mp3

I mean there’s pro’s and con’s to almost everything in
life. I mean the pro is yes it’s GREAT for new musicians
who want to get out there. It’s a quick way to have your
music all over the world in a matter of minutes. And the
con to it is yes, artist and record label are loosing a lot
of money over it. I mean no money is not everything, but
when that’s your job and you put your heart and soul into
your job, and you receive nothing for it, well it can be
frustrating, and slows you down in putting out more music
for your fans. So I’m 50/50 on the idea.

9. Do you think the Internet is good for helping artists
get known?

Yes the Internet is a great tool for new artist to get
their stuff out. A lot of A&R reps turn to the Internet
nowadays to see what talent is out there. So websites are a
great promo kit if you think about it.

10. What bands/artists are you listening to

Lately I can seem to get enough of Gavin Degraws debut CD.
It’s just absolutely amazing. I’ve been listening to other
artist such as Maroon 5, Joss Stone, John Ledgen, Ashlee
Simpson, John Mayer..etc…

11. Who has helped you out the most?

Well I had the amazing opportunity to work with an amazing
producer/songwriter Justin Gray, who’s worked with artist
such as Joss Stone, Sugar Jones…He just was an amazing
person to come across. He really opened my eyes, and just
introduced me to a lot of things I don’t think I really
would have come across if it weren’t for him. He helped me
out many ways which I’m very grateful for.”

12. If you could be on the Simpson’s where would you be

Ha Ha, this is a funny question. I absolutely LOVE the
Simpson’s, but never thought about whom I’d play. I’d
probably play Maggie Simpson. She’s cute, and does what she
wants when she wants, and no one bugs her. I think it’s
being fun to be Maggie. Ha Ha.

13. What has the response been like for your music on
the web?

The response has been great actually. A lot of people from
all over the world have heard my music and like it. It’s
been a great tool and I’ll continue to use the web to
promote my music.

Special thanks to Shirley Cosentino for this interview
and her people for setting it up.

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