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Scarlet Klimek – Don’t Talk Dirty (Self Released)


Scarlet Klimek debut EP Don’t Talk Dirty is an exciting catchy pop release and for a Melbourne artist who is going to go far. The songs are catchy, well written, produced, sung and show off Scarlet Klimek. The opening track Don’t Talk Dirty really does highlight this. I Don’t Need This is kind of a ballades haunting pop track that delivers with great vocals and production. Letting Go follows the same way but it’s such a good energetic catchy beautifully written song, one of my highlights off the EP as is the title track. Not Without You is the ballad but is beautifully sung, performed well and shows of Scarlet amazing vocals. Spinning Around is another catchy well written pop song. Don’t Talk Dirty Again finishes off the EP with a longer/remix of the title track. The music to be is pop mixed with R&B. It’s exciting and fresh. I can see this EP doing wonders for Scarlet and gaining fans and industry interest along the way. Top Stuff


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