• June 5, 2020

Saint Felix Interview

Saint Felix


Saint Felix is a talented electro pop artist from Melbourne. I loved what I heard and knew I had to do an interview. So find out more about Saint Felix and his new song.


1. What was the inspiration for the single?

Lyrically it is a pretty literal song, wallowing in the regret of past screw ups.

2. How did the song writing process go for the single?

The songs that work are the ones that are write themselves. One non-descript evening at our flat, I picked up the guitar and started playing. My housemate heard and confirmed the songs worth. We then used that as our excuse to go out all night.

Another long night of drinks and chats with a friend is when the lyrics emerged. Nothing like whiskey and cigarettes to bring out your inner remorse and regret.

3. What was the recording process like for the single?

I got the rough arrangement and melody demoed acoustically and then handed it over to Nico without much direction to get his unadulterated interpretation of it. He got the sentiment perfectly straight off the bat. The whitewashed, broody treatment really complements the song.

Vocal recording usually occurred up at Kal’s place in Queensland, however after Kal appeared out of the blue in Melbourne, we found a few hours to hit the vocal in a shed out the back of Nico’s place.

4. Did you prepare for the recording process or what is it a case of see what happens in the studio?

Very much see what happens. With all Saint Felix songs, whilst the lyrics, and crux of the song are decided before recording, it isn’t until we get into the recording process that real identity comes to light.

5. How was the recording process different to earlier material?

Every song has been quite different. With Heather we tried a few different things at the mixing stage. Whilst we didn’t use the output entirely, some interesting flavours came out which contributed to the final product.

6. What did you learn from recording the single that you will take away for future releases?

Keeping an open mind to new ideas can often provide refreshing insights. Sometimes it can’t.

7. Are you happy how things have gone so far for yourself?

It’s really great to be able to share this track, and I’m looking forward to further creating.

8. What buzz do you get out of playing live?

Live is a whole other entity.

9. Do you have rituals before playing a show?

A vocal warm up, a complicated mix of beverages and a few quiet minutes is all that is required.

10. Whats your go to album when you need to feel inspired?

Anything Bowie.


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