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Renee Heartfelt

Interview With Renee Heartfelt By Chris 9/8/05

Renee Heartfelt are a really great band.
Their music rocks and have a album coming out soon.
So here is our interview with Renee Heartfelt.


1. How did the band form?

We did lots of touring together in our past bands and
started talking up the idea. I had recorded some songs by
myself and really wanted to work with a band rather than

2. Who were your idols growing up?

Wayne Gretzky cause I played a lot of hockey. Then in the
late 80’s I got into skating and obviously I was plastering
my walls with skateboard ring pics torn out of trasher
magazine…too many to even mention. But musically I loved
Bruce springsteen and the cure. I literally wore out the
grooves of their “boys don’t cry” album. It was the first
LP I bought with my own money.

3. Who were your influences?

As a band I think we are all feeling sub pop records,
dischord records, and revelation records circa ’90 to
’95…that’s a huge oversimplification, but you get the

4. What has the response been to the new

So far so good. It was an early effort. It’s already been
more than a year since we recorded it so I think we’ve
grown a bit. I think that shows on the new LP we have
coming out September.

5. What inspired you when making the ep?

Seeing engine down live…listening to far…driving four
hours round trip to band practice and listening to
everything from failure to Pete yorn while on I-95

6. Has the Internet helped with your music?

Yea, but the Internet is like this big hype machine. We
certainly try to keep up with the times, but we’re from the
age of the demo tape.

7. What are your thoughts to filesharing and the mp3

If you burn all of the foo fighters records and never pay
them a dime for it, BUT go buy a ticket for $35 to see them
live, they will have made more money off you than if you
had bought their new record 10 times over…so in that
case, yes you are stealing, but you are making up for it.
To be honest, $18 for a fucking album is way too much,
especially if it’s as inconsistent as many foo fighters
records are..Hahahah but seriously, I’m not going to
advocate it, but I will say that if majors would stop with
the payola and spending $100,000 like it was nothing (Which
by the way any promotional material you ever see for a
record is paid for by the band NOT the label) maybe they
could make an LP $8 and we all wouldn’t be so inclined to
burn it. In the end, just remember to support the bands you
love however you are able to do so. I’m sure they would
rather have you listening to their records than not.

8. Have you had much response from labels

Yea, a little interest in working with our LP. So that’s
cool. We can’t wait to get back to Europe. It’s always a
good time to tour there.

9. If you could work with any one who would it

Pete yorn, Jeremy enigk, or ken andrews.

10. How did you get signed to Textbook Music?

The guy doing PR for our ep suggested us to the label. They
came to see us play a few times and we decided it would be
a good fit.

11. What is it like being an artist in

Great I suppose, although I don’t have much perspective.
The music industry is saturated right now, so that makes it
a little more difficult. But America is a great country to
tour in.

12. What are your thoughts on realty TV talent shows eg
American idol?

You know I talked shit on that for a while…but Kelly
Clarkson or whatever her name is has some legitimate pop
songs. Granted she didn’t write them, she does have a good
voice and they are good pop songs…so the show actually
does a good job in that. Nonetheless, I’ve never actually
watched the show.

13. If you could have a dream gig line up whom would
they be?

Bad brains circa 87, minor threat, chain of strength, sunny
day real estate, world’s fastest car, and quicksand…not
in that order per se, but something like that.

14. Have you had much support from radio?

In Richmond VA we’ve had a fair bit. College radio has been
pretty nice as well. It’s hard with an ep though, people
don’t pay too much attention to an ep…with that said
though, Texas is the reason’s first 7″ was number one on
cmj…that only had three songs on it…

15. If you could be on The Simpson’s or Spongebob
Squarepants where would you be?


16. What is on your stereo at the moment?

Hot snakes

17. What are some of your favourite musical

Pretty much any band/person I’ve mentioned in this
interview (aside from foo fighters…although they have
some great songs)

18. What movies you have seen lately you have really

Shit…wedding crashers…so funny.

19 What are your favourite movies?

At the moment…anything with Vince vaughn

20. Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

Bad, but really entertaining

21. Beer Of Choice?

Honestly, I hate beer, but woodchuck cider (the dark and
dry kind) is pretty damn good, but really expensive. We get
drink tickets when we play out and I’ve always got to put
in extra money for that shit…hahah.i need to learn to
drink blue ribbon like everyone else.

Thanks for your time any last words

Thanks for the interview. Please check out our new record
when it comes out! You can download two songs from it at

Thanks To Jeremy G Of Textbook Music for setting up and
Renee Heartfelt for doing it

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