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Ratking are a rad band with a rad name and you need to read to find out why they rock.

1. What was the inspiration behind the new song?

Ratking has a strong stance against the current government and its policies. So I guess you could say the inspiration behind ‘Girt’ is Tony Abbott.

2. What inspires you when writing music?

Mainly the bands we idolise. We have a central hub of music/bands that we all listen to and then the bands that we personally listen to. All this together makes for a wide array of musical inspiration.

3. What buzz do you get from playing live?

Crowd participation. Without a doubt. The most enjoyable shows aren’t always the ones that have a tonne of people, but rather the ones that have the heaviest crowd involvement. If you’re at a show, make sure you’re front and centre!

4. Do you have any thing you do before you play live?

Not yet. Luckily none of us have developed any ridiculous superstitious acts.

5. Is an album in the works?

An album has been released! Just 2 weeks ago. We have our album launch on the 30th of July at Amplifier with support from Mindless, Idle Eyes and Protest. Then on the 01st of August at YMCA HQ with support from Flowermouth, Idle Eyes, Never Settle and Sweet Leaf.

6. What can people expect from your show?

A lot of energy, a lot of movement and a lot of anger.

7. If you could collaborate with any one who would it be?

Personally speaking, something really different to us, genre wise. Something that would make people say “I never thought you’d be able to marry those two styles of music together”.

8. If you could have anybody in a video clip who would it be?

Emma Watson, because Emma Watson.

9. What does the rest of 2014 have in store for you?

2 album launch shows, shows booked yet unannounced and depending on the money situation many more things!

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