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Pensive are a really great punk band.

Their songs are catchy and damm out right rocking.

This interview was done a while back

but here it is.

Parx-E Webzine Interview with Julio Godoy and Pat

Smith from PENSIVE


How did the band



Julio:     Pat and I met in

high school on the tennis team in 1999 and got to know each other.  The first time I went over to his

house I saw that he had a drum set and before too long we were messing

around, playing drums and guitars together.  The next year, we met our original

bass player at school and the three of us started the band, then

advertised for a drummer, and it kept going from



Pat:      Julio and I

are the only members who have been in it from the beginning.  We’ve had different bass players

and drummers rotate in and out of the band.  Right now, the lineup is awesome

because everyone in the band went to high school together and we’re pretty

good friends.  I like having

people in the band who aren’t



Who has been your favorite band to play



Pat:      My favorite

local band to play with was a San Diego band called Agent 51 . . . those

guys are cool.  They aren’t

together anymore, but they were awesome.  As far as national touring bands

go, I probably enjoyed playing most with No



Julio:     I have to say the

same thing about local bands, Agent 51.  A national band I’d choose would

be Fallout Boy.  We recently

played a show with them here in San Diego, and it was the first time we

played in a sold-out room. 

There were about 600 kids there, and it was unbelievable, really a

lot of fun.


Who are your



Julio:     The Beatles,

Green Day, The Ataris, NFG, Yellowcard, really too many bands to

mention.  Right now I’m

listening to American Idiot a lot.  I think that record is



Pat:      My

influences range from The Smashing Pumpkins to The Ataris to Brand

New.  But I also like Muse a

lot, Led Zepplin, I listen to a lot of different bands.           


If you could who would you most like to play



Julio:     Green Day, The

Ataris, or New Found Glory.


Pat:      Brand New, I’d

enjoy that a lot.


If you were allowed to play on the Simpsons, where

would it be?


Julio:     Sector 7G,

Springfield Nuclear Plant.




Where has been your favorite venue to



Julio:     The Scene, here

in San Diego, used to be an awesome venue, but it’s closed now.  We have a great venue now called

SOMA that is even better. 

While we were on tour this past summer, we played at CBGB in New

York and The Middle East in Boston. 

Those venues are both a lot of



Pat:      Playing at

CBGB was amazing.  The history

in that place just seeps out of the walls the minute you walk in the

door.  That has been the most

interesting venue we’ve played in, I



What are you listening to at the



Julio:     I listen to a lot

of different bands, but right now mostly Green Day’s new record

American Idiot, Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue, and Denver

Harbor’s Scenic.


Pat:      At this

very moment I’m listening mostly to Led Zepplin, The Smashing Pumpkins,

and Recover.


Any new releases in the



Julio:     We have a new EP called

Something About the Stars that we’re supporting right now.  It was produced by Will Salazar,

who used to be in Fenix TX, but is now in Denver Harbor.  You can hear some of the songs on

our website at, or at  We licensed it for sale in Japan

on BigMouth Records, and it’s sold about 5,000 copies so far over



Pat:      Julio and I

are also writing new material that will probably see the light of day next

year in 2005.


Any final



Julio:     We actually have

a pretty good mailing list going in Australia, and we really want to say

how much we appreciate the support of our Australian fans and Street Team



Pat:      Yeah,

thanks to all of you in Australia who support us, you’re awesome.  And those of you who don’t know us

yet, check out our website, and join our mailing list.  We’ll mail you a free promo CD if

you do!

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