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Interview With Jeff Glatz from Peacefield By Chris

Peacefield are a great rock band I discovered.
Great rock tunes that are catchy and also well written and
a joy to the ears
Read on then check out there stuff.


1. How did you get into music?

I’ve always wanted to be in a band or play an instrument
but the closest I came was writing in my journal and poems.
It all changed when my brother Don taught me guitar chords.
I new then I couldn’t stop and was addicted.

2. Who were your idols growing up?

I would go through my different phases. I started with The
Beatles then went new wave with bands like U2, The Alarm,
Echo & The Bunnymen, The Waterboys, Hoodoo Gurus, The
Clash. I was always changing.

3. Who were your influences?

I would say early U2 & Police is when it started, onto
early REM. Now it’s the great bands like Wilco, Pete Yorn,
Jayhawks, Counting Crows.

4. Are you happy with the responses from the latest

I was worried at first and wasn’t sure what the reaction
would be, even from the people closest to us but we’ve been
getting a lot of positive feedback including a lot media

5. What have responses been like to the bands music on
the web?

Pretty much the same reaction. We’ve progressed a little on
each album, trying not to stray to far from our original
sound. Everything seems to be positive.

6. Has the Internet helped with your music?

Unbelievably. It makes networking a lot easier than it use
to be. All the way from contacting clubs to the media.
Letting people sample our music and hearing opinions. I
love it.

7. Do you think tools like MySpace are useful?

It’s helped us. We’ve made some great contacts and new

8. How did the recording process go for the new

The whole recording seemed to go too quick. Never enough
time and never satisfied. You want to perfect everything
without over producing. Time and money.

9. Was it different to the bands last release?

Not a lot. It might sound a little more polished. We added
some great piano and hammond organ leads that we’ve never
tried before.

10. What inspires you when writing music?

Everything from the current news to my family and friends.
Sometimes books and characters.

11. Have you had much response from radio?

We’ve had a little in the past. I feel having our songs
“Warmer Side of the Street” in the comedy “Kingpin” and
“Little Mistress in PBS’s “Class of 2000” has helped us
with the airways and press. It’s really starting to pick up
with the newer stuff and I feel a lot more confident with
the newer tracks that we recorded and are writing.

12. What has been your favorite gig to date?

I love festivals where we can play and enjoy the company of
other bands. We’ve played the Blue Heron Festival where we
had the opportunity to play with 10,000 Maniacs and Donna
the Buffalo. They last for days.

13. Who would you most like to record a song

Jayhawks frontman Gary Louris. I think he’s a musical

14. Have you had much response from overseas labels
regarding your music?

A little. I’m suprised about the interest of the oversea’s
press. It’s the Internet again. It’s reaching places we
could of only dreamed when we first started.

15. What is the music scene like where the band

Texas has a lot of great bands and styles. That’s one
reason Peacefield ended up here. Unfortunately it’s
competetive and you have to be at your best. I feel we have
a very original sound and that seperates us from the bands
that we’re hearing at the moment.

16. Which bands have you you guys enjoyed playing with
the most?

Probably “The Clarks”. Great music and great guys.

17. Do you think Idol is the downfall of the major

No. They’ll always be there.

18 Who have you feel has helped you out the

To many friends and family to list.

19. Who would you like to do a split ep with?

Wilco or Counting Crows. Hard decision

20. What next for Peacefield?

We’ve all gotten our second wind. This is a very talented
band that knows what they want and how to do it. I’m hoping
a new album and some heavy touring!!

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