• June 19, 2019

Parx-e Volume 4

Parx-e Volume 4


Parx-e Volume 4 will be available on the 22nd of August to give away on this website. Once they are gone they are gone.

It is an all female orientated CD with female solo artists and female fronted bands. The CD has high quality artwork and has been properly pressed.

Please Note: I Don’t Share Your Information, it is only used to send out the CD to you

and to let you know it has been sent out.  It isn’t used for anything else and I won’t contact you ever again unless you want me to

send me an email here for  a copy with your address details [email protected]

Parx-E Volume 4 Track Listing

1. Steph Hannah – Eat the Crumbs

2. De̊ǰa – Luststruck

3. Silver Cities – Lights

4. Heather Longstaffe – Gonna Take a Woman

5. Manor – Architecture

6. Courtney Jaye – Tiger’s Eye

7. Girl Pilot – Bright Bones

8. Jasmine Nelson – Keep Her Close

9.  Tarra Layne – Cherry Moonshine

10. Samara – So Out of Reach

11. Avaberée – Running Out

12.  Annelise Collette – You Got Me Now

13. Samantha Schultz – Legend of My Life

14.  Amanda McCarthy – Bad Habit

15.  Miss Elm – Space

16.  Shannon Hurley – the Light

17. Francesca de Valence – Beautiful Night

18.  Jenny Dalton – Nightmare

19.  Amanda Rogers – Cabin Muse

20.  Catherine Traicos – Lost at Sea

21.  Allison Gray – Time Goes by