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Parx-e Volume 4

All Female Giveaway Compilation CD

For giveaway on the 22nd of August


About Parx-e Volume 4

Parx-e Volume 4 is a limited edition giveaway compilation CD that is all about female acts and  female fronted bands from Australia, Canada and USA. 21 acts in total and comprising different styles of music. The idea was to promote good talent that Chris Parke ( the brains behind the  compilation CD) had chosen. The CD is to be given away on Parx-e Web Zine

Some Of The Artists Included:

Aveberee from Brisbane who have just signed a record deal in America and have Triple J love.

Steph Hannah with her track “Eat The Crumbs”, opens up the CD.

DEJA from Melbourne who are gaining buzz in Australia and Overseas with their music.

Heather Longstaffe is a rising Canadian country Artist based in America.

Manor are a Melbourne band being loved by the critics and audiences alike.

Courtney Jaye is a well respected artist from America.

Girl Pilot is the new name/project for acclaimed American singer songwriter Sahara Smith

Jasmine Nelson came joint third place with the song “Keep Her Close” in the Vanda & Young 

Songwriting Competition.

Miss Elm & Catherine Traicos are two Aussie artists who have gained critical and fan-base acclaim.
American based Canadian artist Samantha Schultz has sung on stage with Kris Kristofferson

American Tarra Layne has opened up for Gavin DeGraw and Vanessa Carlton.


There are limited copies of the disc to be given away on Friday the 22nd of  August.  Once they are gone they are gone!

One Response to Parx-e Volume 4 All Female Giveaway Compilation CD For giveaway on the 22nd of August

  • Bryce says:

    Hi I just wanted to say thank you for making such a stellar compilation. I collect cd compilations and I own a lot of all female compilations from both Major labels and independent ones . I really enjoyed how varried and eclectic the album is as a whole . Do you have anymore plans to do a Vol 5?
    Have you also thought about doing an east coast tour with the Australian based artists?
    Thanks again

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