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Blonde Diamond what can I say but I love what they do. Heck I flew up to Sydney when they came over in 2016 just to see them play and interview them. Their new EP Fantasy Love is now out and knowing how good they are this will be a winner. So for you folks in Canada it’s out now and for us in Australia comes out on the 2nd of November and I shall be getting. So it’s available at all good digital retailers and streaming services. These guys are first rate seriously excellent stuff indeed. Dark Place is one of my favorite songs of the year.



Brittany Leo

Photo: Mark Fitzgerald Photography 

Brittany Leo returns with her new single ‘adore’.  Brittany wrote ‘adore’ with Dylan Burrowes and Jeremy Drakeford from Spectrum Sound who also co-wrote her previous single, ‘Need It’.  It’s an excellent pop tune I really dug it when I heard it yesterday. It’s worth your time getting around it. Brittany is doing some excellent stuff at the moment and I am happy for her.  The song is now out at all good digital music retailers.

Artwork: ZRA Designs

I can’t wait to hear what Brittany does next. I am a fan and getting behind all that she does.


Jogee With a G

Jogee With a G is a talented artist who I came across and totally dug with this artist was doing and had to interview him

1. How did you get into music?

I downloaded FL Studio when I was 13 and ever since I never stopped writing

2. What inspired the album ‘Greenery’?

Greenery is mainly inspired by events that happened in my life. I’ve been moving a lot and that allowed me to grow. The album is all about growth and self development

3. Were you happy how it has been received?

So far I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. The tracks that I thought would be the hardest for people to appreciate were the ones that people liked the most and that was a very interesting experience.

4. How does song writing start for you?

I’m never really not writing. I’m always thinking of concepts as I go about my day to day life and when I feel like I have something worth sharing I put it down on pen and paper

5. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Mostly my contemporaries. I feel like with music people tend to idolize people that were making music a few decades ago, but there’s some really good fresh stuff out there. The classic do deserve some respect and recognition but there are artists working night and day in the scene today who are limitlessly talented.

6. Has your songwriting changed from when you were starting out?

I learnt a lot more about music theory so my songs got a little more technical, and it’s only getting better from now.

7. What has been the best piece of advice you have given about your music career?

Never give up. It’s plain and simple

8. How did the song ‘Salmon’ come about?

Salmon is about a good old friend of mine who turned out to not be so good. We were very tight so cutting each other out of our lives felt very weird, it was almost like a breakup hahah!

But really Salmon is just me processing this whole situation out and saying the things I couldn’t say to his face.

9. What do you love about your local scene?

It’s so diverse and that’s the best part about it. I moved to Toronto not too long ago and I’m honestly overwhelmed with the amount of creativity going around. People are making music in all sorts of ways, anything from noise scapes to sad boy rock bands and it’s all very high quality.

10. Do you have set theme for your music or does it go with the flow and changes?

Usually I work with a theme but it tends to deviate a little here and there but in the end I always try to tie it all up together if the songs are all part of the same project.

11. Do like to write with out inspiration or distractions or do you need a bit of both?

I need a bit of both, I feel like distractions helps me tap into my subconscious a little bit while being in my quiet space helps put things down in the most clear way possible.

12. How important is having a plan in place for your music?

Since my musical background stems from music theory and not playing physical instruments planning and mapping what the song is going to sound like is the only way I make music. I envy people that can just spontaneously pick up the keyboard and start playing it without thinking, but I’ve learnt to love my method

13. How important is your brand Jogee With a G?

Branding is not as important to me as it should be. At the end of the day I just want to make music and I want it to be heard. Even if I’m writing for other people I’m just glad that someone’s listening to something I worked hard on. Having a brand surely aids with that but I’m still trying to feel like a business man rather than a hopeless romantic.

Ok I first came across Emma Beau is when she was touring with the late great John English. I know Christie Lamb who was also part of that. So this is Emma first song off her debut album and it’s really great and the clip is excellent. I for one will be getting the album. Sounds like it will be a cracker if tunes like this are to go by.


Meeting and hanging out with Katie Ladd was awesome. She is a very talented lady with loads of talent. And I wanted to give her some more love on my site and if you haven’t seen the interview watch it here I did with her. Yes my photography is getting some what better.

So my amazing talented friend Alicia Sky has released an awesome cover video on YouTube of a Backstreet Boys song which I think is pretty cool.

She has done a whole range of awesome covers video like Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Alright two bands I love have new music out. Smoking Martha who are now on their way to a European tour which is way cool have a new video clip.


I’ve known Lisa Salvo for a while now and think she is one of the finest songwriters in the country as well as being an amazing singer. On Diamond new single How is a masterpiece and a must have in your collection.

I wanted to give my friend Destiny Love some more love. She is an inspirational switched on lady who really does put herself out there. She is kind and considerate as well as being caring which I see from the way she writes and all. She kindly does the voice overs for my video content and I will be continuing to use her.  She just to me breathes positivism.  She just a person who has her heart on her sleeve, she passionate, inspiration and a person whom I will continue to support.  I love being inspired by her and all that she is achieving. Yes we all have our moments of weakness and self doubt I had one this morning. But we are all in this together and letting some one know you’re there for them and ask them how they are doing and if they are OK.  She has become a beautiful inside and out kind soul with so much positivism and inspiration. If only I could write as good as she does. She has achieved so much so far and will continue to do more and create and inspire with whom she is and what she does.

Following on from a unbelievable six months since her breakout single Chasing Butterflies took over the airfares, Adelaide’s MANE will unleash her new single ‘Save Yourself’ next week, premiered via triple j ‘good nights’ on Monday October 1st ahead of it’s official release on the 3rd, which will also see the announcement of her only 2018 headline tour, supported by Pinkish Blu.

‘Love that opening chord. From there, it only gets better. Great vocal, really seductive playing and sounds dropping in and out, and the song manages to be both dark and uplifting. Not an easy combo to pull off. Nice work.’ – Richard Kingsmill, triple j

With a haunting and high energy live set, MANE’s explosive indie pop is something that has to be seen to be fully believed. Reviews have compared her to Florence and the Machine and Lorde, with the parallels drawn between the bold vocals and catchy tunes to sing and dance along to. Having toured nationally with KINGSWOOD, played Groovin the Moo, Spin Off, Bigsound and Brisbane Festival and set to perform alongside The Kooks, Last Dinosaurs and Winston Surfshirt at the inaugural Beach Life festival in Adelaide later this year, the live show has gone from strength to strength, and you can’t help but have a great time when MANE’s performing.

‘MANE…with a mixture of deep looming vocals, comparable to the likes of Lorde.’ – Live review, AMNPLIFY

Paige Court, the powerhouse behind the MANE moniker said that ‘Save Yourself was written to channel the difficulty of watching someone make the same mistakes over and over again while becoming really expectant of the people around them to pick up the mess. As someone who deeply cares about that person it’s hard to walk away from that’ She goes on to explain ‘You don’t want to enable them but you also don’t want them to feel abandoned. When it becomes detrimental to your well being the solution becomes pretty obvious though. Having gone through a self destructive cycle myself the song really resonates with me on both sides of the story now’. The second of her singles recorded with Tony Buchen (The Preatures, Mansionair and Montaigne) in LA and mastered by Brian Lucey (The shins, Artic monkeys, The Black Keys) it’s seen a clear step up in the direction and production detail. Take a listen for yourself.


With support from Pinkish Blue

November 2nd – Yah Yahs, Melbourne

November 9th – Rocket Bar, Adelaide* TICKETS

November 10th – Nightquarter, Gold Coast^

November 15th – RAD Bar, Wollongong* TICKETS

November 17th – Golden Age Cinema, Sydney

November 18th – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle^

*tickets go on sale Wednesday October 3rd. ^ – Pinkish Blu not appearing

New music I recommend to check out

Lauren Jenkins amazing new song Give Up The Ghost is incredible and out now. She a fantastic singer songwriter who music I have been supporting for years. She is an amazing talent and worthy of a listen. I for one shall be getting and she rocks.

Georgia Mae new song Fools is awesome and also out now and here is the clip and it is awesome as is the song. Check it out

Twenty One Pilots need no introduction. Their album Trench came out on the 5th of October and it’s excellent. Jumpsuit is an excellent track. I am hooked.

Laces amazing new song Someday Is Not Tonight is out now and I have been supporting her career in all it’s form since 2004. Yes that long and her music is always amazing and this is excellent.


Katie Cole amazing new EP Things That Break Pt. 1 is first rate material and if you haven’t got it yet. Get it it’s excellent.  If you haven’t seen her interview with me yet. Have a watch here. Katie is so unbelievably beautiful and a incredible talent. The sky is the limit for this amazing talent. 2005 is how long I have been supporting her career.

This came out a few weeks back and to me is one of the best albums of 2018. The Midnight have blown me away with Kids. I wanted a CD copy so I pre ordered the album. Yes it’s that good folks get behind it.

LA-based duo Young Futura have just released their new single ‘Wallflower’.

Wallflower is an ode to the positive impact of music and its ability to empower and alter one’s state of mind – encouraging the listener to lose themselves amongst the palpable vibe that the duo conjure.

Musically it sits in an energy filled pocket between grooving disco and cutting edge hip hop with a stellar pop song writing foundation. The true element of genius comes from relying on these familiar and iconic sounds, yet arranging them with a modern finesse that sounds so fresh and exciting.

On the narrative behind Wallflower, Young Futura share:

“Wallflower came naturally. It was one of those songs that we wrote overnight where everything was smooth and organic. We spent more time fine tuning it in the studio than writing it. It was such a lovely process.”

Young Futura symbolizes the alliance between two artists: Washington DC’s Beau Young Prince and French producer Futura. The names Young and Futura are close to the hearts of both of these artists as they happen to be their names given by birth. Influenced by their respective cities and cultures, Young Futura translates their surroundings and experiences into smooth and enriching musical melodies giving listeners a groovy funk and future hip-hop cocktail to sip on; representing a charming euphonious collaboration.

Young Futura performed at SXSW, All Things Go Music Festival, and multiple clubs throughout NY, DC and LA. The duo attracted the likes of the film industry and composed the main piece track of the movie Nobody Walks in LA, receiving the Critic’s Choice Award at the Newport Film Festival as well as Best Soundtrack Award at the Long Island Film Festival.

Recently their new single Wallflower has been selected to be part of one of Microsoft’s biggest video game release, Forza 4. Debut EP Patience turned heads and caught ears across the musical spectrum, achieving millions of streams on Spotify as well as tastemaker support from the likes of Magnetic Mag and Afropunk among others.

Futura’s multi-platinum track record boasts work with 50 Cent, GZA, Kylie Minogue, OK GO, Trey Songz, Lloyd Banks, Raekwon and Asher Roth.

‘Wallflower’ is available now worldwide